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Public Health (Food, Noise, Pollution)

As a resident in the City of Kwinana, we believe you should feel safe and respected within our community.

If you have public health concerns regarding food, noise or pollution, you can contact the City to let us know about your issue so one of our officers can follow up.

Food complaints

Please direct any concerns you have about public health in the food service industry to our Environmental Health team on 9439 0475. For more information about food safety and hygiene practices, please visit our food businesses page.

Key tips for managing evidence when lodging a food complaint:

  • remember to keep the food product in its original packaging and if relevant, any foreign matter;
  • refrigerate any uneaten portion of the food (or freeze, if you can’t report immediately);
  • keep your receipt;
  • seek early medical attention and tell your doctor if you think your illness is related to the food you have eaten. The doctor may offer further testing which can help to identify the source of the problem; and
  • you may choose to contact the food business, as they can also begin their investigation and sometimes commence a food recall.

Noise complaints

Noise pollution complaints should generally be directed to the City’s Environmental Health team on 9439 0475 during business hours. For more information about noise issues and disturbances, please see our neighbourhood noise and complaints page.

Other noise complaints:

  • Traffic noise along major roads, please contact Main Roads WA on 138 138.
  • Noise relating to passenger trains, please contact Public Transport Authority on 13 62 13
  • Burglar alarms that have been sounding for more than 30 minutes, please contact Police on 131 444.

Odour complaints

Odour can come from many sources such as septic tanks, compost, fertilisers, rubbish and chemicals. If you are regularly impacted by offensive odours, you may direct your concerns to the City’s Environmental Health Team on 9439 0475. Please complete a log which will assist with the investigation of your complaint. 

Odours from potential natural gas leaks should be reported to ATCO Gas Faults and Emergencies on 13 13 52 or Department of Fire and Emergency Services on 000.


Pollution is a potential hazard to our environment, as well as the health and wellbeing of our residents. If you spot pollution in our City, please report:

Type of PollutionContact
Smokey chimneys and domestic wood heaters  Environmental Health team 9439 0475
Backyard burning during restricted burning period  For burning periods, refer to Bushfires and Fire Control Ranger Team/Bushfire Control Officer 9439 0200
Backyard burning during prohibited burning period  For burning periods, refer to Bushfires and Fire Control Ranger Team/Bushfire Control Officer 9439 0200

Backyard burning (all other times). For burning periods, refer to Bushfires and Fire Control

 Environmental Health Team 9439 0475
Dust from building developments Environmental Health Team 9439 0475
Asbestos Environmental Health Team 9439 0475
Oil discharge Environmental Health Team 9439 0475
Littering and illegal dumping Ranger Team 9439 0200

For all life-threatening incident or emergency, please call 000 and ask for Fire.

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