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Permits and Applications

A building permit is required for all residential, commercial or industrial structures including new works, alterations, additions, swimming pools, spas (below and above ground), safety barriers (fencing) for pools and spas, patios, sheds and more.

The following requirements are applicable to every building permit application:

  1. All Building Commission forms requiring a builder’s signature will only be accepted if signed by the registered builder listed on the Building Commission website. No other signatures or authority to sign on their behalf will be accepted.   
  2. Site plans submitted in support of any type of building approval need to be clear and legible, devoid of any previous approvals or stamps, clearly show all existing structures and define the new proposed works. See Building Application Drawing Requirements
  3. All roofed structures requiring a building permit will require stamped/signed engineered drawings supporting the application regardless of the material, size or span. Gutter size, downpipe location and soakwell capacity should also be shown.     
  4. All glass pool barriers will require stamped/signed engineered drawings to support the application identifying the glass selection, connections, in ground fixings and hardware.  

For further information, or to provide feedback, please email the City's Building Team

Application form

Building Permit Application forms can be downloaded via the DMIRS - Department of Building and Energy.​ Once the form has been completed it can be lodged via the City's online services platform.

Further Information

Verge permit

The City recognises that during the construction and development of properties, there is a need to use the space on verge areas while construction is taking place. However, costly damage to City property in the road reserve area such as the road pavement, kerbs, footpaths, drains, street trees and plants is often caused by building and/or demolition works. 

For more information read the Verge Permit Brochure​​​​, or submit a Verge Permit Application Form.​​

Occupancy permits

Some building, other than single residential dwellings, require an Occupancy Permit.
For more information, see When Do I Need to Obtain an Occupancy Permit?​

Demolition permits

​A demolition permit must be granted before the demolition of any building or part of a building or structure can take place.

For more information, see When is a Demolition Permit Required?​ and Demolition Information Sheet​​.​

Strata title applications

A strata title is a means of dividing up a property title to allow for multiple ownership.

The Local Authority, in this instance the City of Kwinana, only forms a part of the approval process for having a Strata Plan lodged with Landgate for their endorsement and issue of the Strata Titles.​

For more information, see What is a Strata Title?​ ​​

Retrospective approval

If you have done building work without prior approval, or purchased a property with unauthorised structure/s, you may be able to submit an application to obtain retrospective approval from the City of Kwinana.

For more information, see What is Unauthorised Building Work?​​​ and Retrospective Building Approval Process.​

What type of approval is required?​

Depending on the type of sign/advertising that is proposed, a Building Permit may be required, and in some instances a Planning Approval may be necessary.

Some signs can be constructed without any approvals if they are exempt from the Building and Planning Legislation. Such exemptions depend on size, location, sign face of the proposed sign/advertising device and the zoning of the land where the sign will be erected.

For further information, please contact the City's Building Services on 9439 0208.​​

Useful information for Builders

As a general rule, most building work​​ and certain changes of use require approval. To request a consultation prior to lodging your application, please contact our Building Services team.

Building work includes, but is not limited to, removal of internal walls, installation of fittings, replacement of windows and doors containing glazing, constructing rooms in roof spaces and the construction of garages and extensions.​

Fees and Charges

Associated costs with building permits and applications can be found in the building fees and charges document. 

Building permit application fees are set by State Government regulations and are calculated as a percentage of the Estimated Value (EV) of the construction (inclusive of all labour, materials, fees and other costs necessary for the completion of works). This cost is also dependent on if the works are classified as Certified or Uncertified. 

Any hard copy application that is submitted by mail or at the City's Administration Building, will now incur a $45 document scanning fee. 

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