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Community Event Fund

The Community Event Fund provides funding to community groups to run a local event. 

The City’s Community Event Fund aims to strengthen the Kwinana community and create more connected neighbourhoods by supporting non-profit organisations to run their own ‘place-based’ events. A variety of events may be eligible for funding, including family fun days, concerts, markets, multicultural celebrations, or any events that bring the community together.

View the Community Grants and Funding Guidelines.

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Community Event Funding Objectives

The Community Event Fund was developed with the below objectives;

  • support and strengthen community organisations and networks through active community participation;
  • encourage volunteering to help facilitate active, confident, resilient, cohesive and inclusive communities;
  • celebrate and connect the community;
  • assist in developing and strengthening community identity and community spirit.


All community organisations that are incorporated, not for profit and are based in the City of Kwinana are eligible to apply for the Community Event Fund.

Projects can be submitted as a partnership between two or more groups. See below for a full list of eligibility requirements.

A family gathering with a group of people standing together outdoors.
  • Proof of public liability insurance to $10m must be provided.
  • Projects for which funds are being sought must provide benefits for residents of Kwinana.
  • Collaborative projects between multiple groups will be viewed favourably.
  • Proposals should be in writing on the applicable form and should address the following:
    • A statement detailing a description of the event, including date/time, location, theme, audience, proposed activities and entertainment, etc, including the objectives of the event and the expected outcomes and benefits that will be delivered to the residents of the area in which the event will be held.
    • Demonstrated ability of the group/organisation to achieve timeframes and budgets outlined in the proposal;
    • The organisation’s capacity to administer the project;
    • The events viability in terms of support from any other relevant organisations;
    • Appropriate marketing and communications acknowledgement of the City’s support; and
    • Details of other sponsors, proposed or confirmed, involved with the event.

Applications for the Community Event Fund are not available for;

  • Commercial organisations or activities
  • General fundraising activities
  • Denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • Present a danger to public health or safety
  • Projects that will rely on recurrent funding from the City.
  • Projects that contravene the policies of the City.
  • Ongoing operational expenditure
  • Previous recipients who have not fulfilled the conditions of their previous funding
  • Applicants who do not complete the application correctly.
  • Deficit funding – for organisations that are experiencing a shortfall in cash or revenue, or anticipated revenue;
  • Recurrent salaries and recurrent operational

Funding Conditions

The below funding conditions are in place for applications considered for the Community Event Fund.

  • Events proposed must be compatible with the objectives of the City of Kwinana’s Place Based Community Events Fund Policy.
  • The funding must be expended within the year in which it is allocated. There is no capacity to carry forward unspent funds into the next year.
  • The event must occur within the specified time frame, as outlined in the application, unless otherwise approved by the City.
  • Funding for events is limited to a maximum amount of $5,000 per project.
  • Funds which are unspent at the conclusion of the project or activity must be returned to the City within 60 days of the completion of the event.
  • Funding must be spent wholly on the project, as described in the application and funding agreement.
  • Any variations to the project scope must be advised to, and approved by, the City.
  • The City reserves the right to be reimbursed and/or withdraw funding if funding conditions are not complied with.
  • Funds that remain unaccounted for, or remain unspent in the custody of the organization, must be returned to the City.
  • Funds will be provided by EFT payment to the account of the organisation. No payments will be made to individuals or the account of an individual.
  • The City may offer applicants an amount less than what they have applied for, and reserve the right to stipulate what aspects(s) of the project the funding may be spent on.

Organisations successful in their application for funds are to provide a completed and signed Community Events Funding Program Acquittal and Evaluation Form to the City by the date stated on the front of the form and in the Funding Agreement, and provide copies of receipts for all items of expenditure.


Funded organisations must acknowledge funding support provided by the City of Kwinana. Copies of the logo will be provided and banners can be obtained from and returned to the City of Kwinana.

The City is entitled to publicise financial support provided to organisations for community events. Funded organisations may be asked to provide images or feature in stories in various publications and on-line sites. Local media appearances may also be requested.

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