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The polyphagous shot-hole borer (PSHB) is now in the Perth Metro area, threatening trees. Report any signs of the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer here

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Street Trees and Verges

Verge and garden maintenance is the responsibility of the resident or ratepayer of the property. The below information outlines your responsibility in regards to street trees and verges. 

    Maintenance of street trees, verges and gardens

    Residential properties typically consist of a house and garden area within the property boundary and a verge area which is outside of the property boundary. The verge is the area between the property boundary and the road edge.

    The resident or ratepayer and the City of Kwinana have certain responsibilities in maintaining street trees and verges in accordance with the Street Trees and Verge Treatments Policy. A summary of the responsibilities of the resident or ratepayer, as per the Policy is provided below:

    Resident or ratepayers’ responsibility to maintain garden and verge:

    • Ensure that pedestrians are able to travel safely along the verge
    • Ensure that no verge treatments obstruct a footpath
    • Only install permissible verge treatments as described in the policy, for example lawn and gardens
    • Do not install non compliant verge treatments, for example crushed brick, rock, gravel and artificial turf
    • Residents are not permitted to prune street trees. Contact the City to carry out street tree pruning (verge only)
    • Residents can find further verge and garden tips in our verge garden tips publication

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