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Meet the KYAC

Brock – Treasurer

Hi, I’m Brock and I’m the treasurer of the KYAC in my second year as a member. I handle the KYAC expenses and plan all the budgeting for the year. I joined the KYAC because I wanted to gain life skills as a young person to open up more opportunities to me in the future. In my free time I enjoy playing trading card games, RPG (role-playing games), video games and tabletop/ board games.  

Belle – Vice Chair and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, my name is Belle, and I am the Vice Chair of the KYAC. I’m 15 years old and am currently a Year 9 student at Peter Carnley ACS. This is my second year on the KYAC, and I joined because I love being part of the community and creating change to benefit the people around me, especially for young people. In my free time I enjoy playing the flute and reading!

Steph – Chairperson

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m the Chairperson on the KYAC. I joined the YAC last year for the first time and was blown away with the whole experience. I was able to be involved in a wealth of opportunity and liaising with other young people, city staff and Councilors. I’m beyond passionate about youth leadership and am involved in various service groups in and outside of school. I am interested in working with like-minded young people, which is part of why I love being on the YAC. I’m also aiming to explore my interest in youth mental health and support. One thing I aim to help with is further developing the YAC as a team and increase our presence and impact within the community. 

Bella – Special Projects and General Member

Hello, I’m Isabella and I’m one of the new members on the KYAC this year. I first heard about the KYAC at the 2023 Lyrik Awards, and I wanted to join as I thought it would be a great opportunity to make new friends and increase my public speaking skills. I also have previous experience from being a captain in Year 6 and being on the Gilmore College student council. My interests include netball and dance. My goals as a KYAC member are to help resolve issues affecting youth in Kwinana, to learn more about what's happening in the community and find opportunities for young people in the area. 

Hannah – Special Projects and General Member

Hi, my name is Hannah-Mae and I am 14 years old. I’m currently a Year 9 student at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School. I joined KYAC because I wanted to help create a fun environment for other people my age and be involved in things that can benefit my friends, family, and community. I am really interested in basketball; I play for my school team and am involved in a specialist basketball academy. 

Piper – Social Engagement Officer

Hi, my name is Piper and this is my first year as a KYAC member. I joined the Advisory Council because I’m keen to take my service learning and spirit outside of my comfort zone and into my community. I really enjoy music; I play guitar as well as sing, and I love to spend time outdoors and the environment. My goals as a YAC member is to be part of taking care of the environment in Kwinana, create spaces that are safe and inclusive for all people and their opinions and ideas and build personal teamwork and leadership skills.  

Mars - Inclusion Officer

Hi, my name is Mars and this is my first year as a part of the KYAC as a member. I joined the KYAC to develop connections with young member’s from other schools, and to have fun! I enjoy helping others and being involved with people of all different ages, genders and races whilst also being able to do the things I love. I enjoy service learning and community theater.  

Amtoj – Social Engagement Officer

Hi, I’m Amtoj and this is my first year on the KYAC. I joined the KYAC to make a positive impact on the community as a youth advocate. I hope to contribute my ideas, insights and perspectives to help shape and influence decisions that affect the youth in Kwinana. I enjoy playing basketball, drawing and dancing. As a YAC member, my goals are advocating for the young people in Kwinana, and engaging the community by organising events, workshops and initiatives to further drive youth involvement. I also hope to promote youth empowerment by helping with resources, support and opportunities to further personal and professional development.   

Ada – Special Projects and General Member

Hi, my name is Ada and this is my first year as part of the KYAC. I joined the group as I love to get involved in community, contribute to events and work and interact with different people in the area. I enjoy various sports and fitness, and am passionate about active service, so I’m looking forward to getting involved in different things in the city. I’ve already been involved in various different service and leadership groups and experiences, and as a KYAC member I hope to be part of the youth influence in Kwinana to push for positive change, and network and brainstorm with other like-minded youth in the community.  I’m super excited to see what we can do this year! 

Tawana - Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, my name is Tawana and this is my first year apart of the KYAC. I wanted to become a member because I loved the fact that as a group, we get to enjoy and socialize with different people and help bring smiles to people’s faces. I enjoy playing soccer, video games, astronomy, and coaching people. My goal being part of the YAC is to provide unity, happiness to the community and to meet wonderful new people.  

Emily – Admin and Coms Officer

Hi! My name is Emily and this is my second year as part of the KYAC. I enjoyed my first year so much and wanted to continue with the group as it's such a wonderful way to get involved with youth and the community. I joined the KYAC because I wanted to help people, and overall wanted to just help and give my time. I work part time and study as well, and I enjoy playing video games and going to the movies with my friends. My goals as a KYAC member is to help the group as a whole at succeeding and doing the most we can for the youth of Kwinana.  

Princess – Marketing Officer

My name is Princess, I decided to join the KYAC to open myself to new opportunities and to do things beyond my comfort zone. I think joining the KYAC has helped me to try new things and make new friends along the way. It also helped me interact with the community in a more direct way. One of my hobbies is painting, an interest I plan to work on and get better at. I’ve also developed an interest in nano-block building!

Merl – Marketing Officer

My name is Merl and I’m a Year 9 student with an interest in design and art. I joined the KYAC because I wanted to put myself out there and seek new opportunities, whilst helping and getting to know others at the same time. I want to help make the community a clean, colourful space for young people and motivate them to do the same!

Takunda – Events Coordinator

Hi, my name is Takunda and this is my second year on the YAC. I enjoy being a member because I’m eager to learn new things and push myself, and love embracing new opportunities and learning new things. I have developed a huge passion for networking with people who also care about the community and service learning. I want to keep pursuing my interest in interacting with supporting and volunteering in the community. I play the saxophone and trombone, and really enjoy reading and learning new instruments! In the coming year, I hope to meet more members of the Kwinana community and expand my knowledge and skill set. 

Jeremy - Inclusion Officer

Hi, my name is Jeremy, and this is my third year on the KYAC. I wanted to join the Youth Advisory Council to be a positive role model for Aboriginal youth in my community and give my voice in issues that impact young people. I am a passionate skate park user and want to create a safe space for other skate park users to show off their talents at The Edge skatepark in Kwinana. This year I had the opportunity to design the new YAC polo in consultation with my fellow YAC members.

Anotida – Development Officer

Hi, my name is Anotida and this is my first year on the KYAC. I wanted to join to the Advisory Council to contribute my ideas to benefit youth and develop my skills and experience as a leader. I have a passion for sport and also business, and I wish to help and work with other young people to work in events and initiatives to make change in my community.

Caide – Special Projects and General Member

Hi, my name is Caide, and this is my third year on the KYAC. I’ve been involved in various consultation processes and events with KYAC over the years, bringing an inclusive lens to everything we deliver. My passion is volleyball; I have represented my school, club and state in both playing, coaching and umpiring. I am vocal about seeking ways to advocate for neurodiverse young people in my community.

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