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Throwback Stories

KYAC is a group of passionate young people who get involved in a variety of areas across the City of Kwinana. We have so many stories to share, check back regularly for updates stories about what we are getting up to around Kwinana while raising the voice of young people.

YACWA Awards

The Kwinana Youth Advisory council was nominated for an award for the YACWA awards which was held at the WA Museum Boola Bardip on the 27th of October 2023. It was such a wonderful night to celebrate the hard work that we’ve put into the community but also the youth workers and the other amazing people working in the youth sector. It was a formal event with seated dinner which was particularly fancy for us. We were nominated under the ‘Y WA Collective Action Award’ for our work in the 7-day makeover in the Wellard strand. Although we didn’t win the award it was still an amazing event to be recognised at and we hope to do more work like that in the future. For the majority of the night, we talked amongst ourselves and stuck to the photo booth where we took MANY photos of the group and with the rad staff that came with us as well. 

7 Day Makeover

During April 2023, the KYAC took part in the Wellard 7 Day Makeover. The makeover aimed to transform the Wellard town centre in 7 days being led by the community. During the makeover 2 members led the youth projects funded and supported by RAC. Steph led ‘the arcade’ which included a painted ping pong table, a giant chess board, a floor mural and big wood games. Belle led the ‘Wishing Well’, which included the wishing well, as well as wicking bed gardens. These 2 projects were also supported by other KYAC members and other Kwinana youth. Along this the YAC also supported other projects by painting wood to build furniture, and by taking bollards out of the ground. These projects are still being continued and improved by members of YAC and the rest of the community.  

The Next Gen Awards

The Next Gen Awards Event powered by BOP Industries was an opportunity for YAC members to nominate themselves amongst the five categories available for young people. These awards recognised young Western Australians as the ‘Young Entrepreneur Of The Year’, ‘Young Innovator Of The Year’, ‘Young Leader Of The Year’ and ‘Next Gen Of The Year’. Two of our members, Belle Cardew and Steph Beaumont were nominated in the Young Leader of the Year category. All nominees were exceptional young people with inspiring initiatives and stories. Steph was awarded ‘Young Leader of the Year’.  

Mandurah Youth Forum 

The KYAC was invited to assist with the Mandurah Youth Forum on the 14th of June, 2023. A 6am start we went through a Muzz Buzz drive through for breakfast and hot chocolate! We then made our trek to Peel Thunder's home ground where the forum took place. We met members of Mandurah's Youth Advisory Council who were friendly and helpful and gave us a run through. The year 10-12 students had Brad Scott, a former Paralympian who facilitated discussions about what leadership looks like in everyone. I gained a lot from the workshop and felt inspired to do more for the community. One of the questions asked was along the lines of “what do you think the community needs the most” the groups would then pitch the idea to everybody else and would decide which one was the best. The best and most engaging answer was a huge water park! 

LYRIK Events (MC + award ceremonies) 

The 2023 LYRIK Awards and Scholarship program were bigger and better than ever. YAC members Takunda Bere, Belle Cardew, Emily Minchin and Steph Beaumont MC’d the annual event. The scholarship program aims to develop leadership skills, financial, budgeting and goal setting skills, community-building skills, independence, confidence and resilience. YAC member Amtoj Randhawa was awarded the scholarship for Sport, Health and Fitness. She engaged with a mentor for 4 weeks and gained lots of valuable insights. The LYRIK awards also recognised the efforts of Takunda Bere, ‘Community Inspiration Award’, Steph Beaumont, awarded for ‘Leadership’ and Belle Cardew Kwinana’s ‘Young Person of the Year’. The Youth Advisory Council as a whole was also awarded the ‘Community Inspiration Award’.

Kwinana Connect

On the 11th of April 2023, a group of YAC members attended the Kwinana Connect Social Inclusion Forum. It was a captivating night including food, connection, laughs, stories and the occasional tear. Throughout the night 3 very personal stories of belonging, and community pride from Kwinana locals Councillor Barry Winmar and Claire Cardew, as well as from Channel 7 producer Marie-Anne Keeffe.  

‘It was an inspiring night, and it was really interesting to hear stories from local heroes,’ says YAC member Belle.  

Climate Action Training

In September 2023, one of our YAC members, Takunda, had the opportunity to attend a Climate Justice Training Weekend organised by Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). It was a weekend packed with many inspiration workshops at the beautiful Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre. She participated in workshops that explained the heavy influence of gas in the environment, Climate Change’s affect on First Nations People and the different leadership roles that people can play within social movements.  She also learnt when organising an advocacy campaign, it is crucial to plan tactics and strategies. She recognised the different theories of change and the various ways that as a YAC, we can strive for change within our community. After the packed weekend, Takunda was very excited to share her knowledge and experience with the YAC at our following meeting.   

Alcoa’s Children Fest (MC) 

The Alcoa Children’s Fest was a day of fun, excitement and enjoyment as YAC MC’d the day’s showcase acts and aided the Zone Youth Workers in running a stall. The theme for the event was ‘Superheroes’ and children, young people and parents alike were invited to attend and have a ‘super day out’. With live entertainment, games, food trucks and interactive stalls the event was a huge success for the children of Kwinana. Members, Jeremy, Belle, Takunda, Princess, Ziane and Steph all attended on behalf of the YAC. “It was great to see so many children enjoying the event and taking part” - Belle 

Summer Sounds

In October 2023, the YAC was involved in Summer Sounds, located in Honeywood. During this event, the YAC interacted with children and youth from all around the City of Kwinana as well as adults and parents from the city too. We prepared different activities for kids to enjoy and have fun during the event. We also spoke to a few adults about events that were happening for youth in the next few weeks, if they were interested in learning about different youth events around Kwinana. It was an amazing opportunity for the YAC to get involved in events around the City of Kwinana and with the community. 

Halloween Event

For Halloween 2023 the YAC supported the Kwinana Chamber of Chills, The chamber of chills involved an interactive walkthrough with jumpscares and different themed zones. The chamber of chills also involved edible creation making and a scary movie marathon in the lounge. The YAC were involved in the planning, setting up, running and packing up of the event. This included attending a youth planning session, running the edible creation stations, taking photos, and staying after the event had finished to put away skeletons and take down decorations throughout the youth centre.  

Lolly Run 

 The YAC was involved in the 2023 Lolly Run. This entailed two fun filled nights where many of us volunteered to bring the magic of Christmas to Kwinana. We dressed as reindeers, elves and Santas and with Mariah Carey’s famous “All I Want for Christmas'' blaring in the background, we travelled the streets of both Wellard and Orelia, throwing lollies out to both kids and adults. Our trucks were filled with dancing, laughing and singing. One of the highlights was Tawana’s commitment and enthusiasm whilst honking the air horn to the beat, letting everyone know that we were on our way.   “The Lolly Run for me, was not just an event it became my lifestyle. It was a really fun experience and I enjoyed spreading joy to kids and people during the season of Christmas.”  -Tawana   “The Lolly Run was a great opportunity to get out into the community, explore Kwinana and put smiles on little kids faces. It was so much fun to dress up and channel some Christmas spirit” - Steph  

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