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Graffiti Removal and Vandalism - Private Property

    The City of Kwinana is responsible for removing graffiti from infrastructure managed or owned by Council. This includes footpaths, street furniture, sculptures, artworks and its building.

    As a property owner, if you’re the victim of graffiti vandalism, the City of Kwinana can help.

    First report the issue to Goodbye Graffiti or the Police to obtain an Offence Report number. This number must be quoted to the City of Kwinana when requesting the removal of graffiti.

    After reporting the vandalism, the City requires all property owners to complete a waiver form​.

    Preventing Graffiti

    Reduce the likelihood of graffiti vandalism on your property by:

    • planting creepers and foliage along walls and fences;
    • painting in dark colours;
    • keeping your property well maintained;
    • installing sensor lights to make sure the area is well lit at night;
    • investigating the benefits of having an anti-graffiti coating applied; and
    • removing any and all graffiti as soon as possible to deter a recurrence.

    Key Contacts

    • If you see graffiti vandalism on Council property, please report it to the City of Kwinana on 9439 0200.
    • ​If you see someone in the act of graffiti vandalism, please report it to the Police immediately on 131 444.​

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