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Crossovers and Driveways

The City of Kwinana is responsible for ensuring crossovers are constructed or changed in accordance with crossover standards. It is the responsibility of the property owner to apply for approval prior to constructing a crossover and also to apply for their crossover subsidy rebate upon completion of the construction of the crossover. Please refer to the section below for more information about your responsibilities as a property owner.

Apply for approval to construct or change a crossover

The owner of a property is required to apply for approval to construct or change a crossover. Crossover approvals for new dwellings are granted as part of a building permit, however approvals for alterations to existing crossovers or additional crossovers is to be obtained from the City of Kwinana’s Engineering services by submitting a detailed plan.

The crossover is to be constructed in accordance with the following documents:

Upon completion of construction of the crossover, the owner can apply to for the Crossover Subsidy Rebate.

Apply for a Crossover Subsidy Rebate

The City of Kwinana provides a one-off crossover subsidy rebate per property. To be eligible for the subsidy rebate, the crossover must comply with the City's Vehicle Crossover Specification and design plans.

To apply for the subsidy rebate, the Crossover Rebate Subsidy Claim form must be completed with the property owner’s details:

If approved, payment of the contribution will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only. In order to receive payment, you must provide your bank details.

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