Pools, Spas and Safety Barriers

Pools, spas and safety barriers

A building permit is required for all swimming pools, outdoor spas and barriers, according to the Building Act 2011. This includes temporary, inflatable and/or portable above-ground pools.

For more information, see Are you installing a swimming pool or outside spa?

Pool inspection program

The City will carry out a mandatory inspection prior to approving a swimming pool and barrier application. This inspection is free of charge and is to consider the proposal in the environment where it will be installed to eliminate non-compliant barriers. 

On receipt of a swimming pool barrier application, the City will contact the applicant and arrange a suitable time to discuss the barrier’s proposed location. The approved permit will be conditioned to contact the City on completion of the pool and barrier installation and arrange for a final inspection. The City will inspect the barrier for compliance with the permit approval and if satisfied issue an inspection certificate.

Mandatory Inspections

 Once your completed pool and barrier has been confirmed as compliant by the City it is the property owners responsibility to maintain the barrier in a compliant state until the next inspection. Mandatory inspections will be conducted every four years or less.   

Had enough of your pool? Here are some handy hints to follow:

  • totally remove your pool if it’s above ground; or
  • totally remove your pool and backfill if below ground. You need to obtain a compaction certificate for the backfill; or
  • leave pool in, but make two  holes (minimum size of 1m x 1m each) one in the deep end and another in the shallow end of the pool. 

Once you have done one of the above options, contact the City's Building Department on 9439 0208 to arrange an inspection and complete the statutory declaration.​​​

Application process

To apply for a pool, spa or pool barrier building permit, please see Building and Development.

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