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Budget and Annual Report

The City is required to set an annual budget to outline its estimated expenses and income for each financial year. Find out more about the budget and the annual report.


The City’s budget is focused on balancing the community’s vision for Kwinana managing together with the complex needs of Western Australia's second fastest growing area.

The budget directly addresses the changing priorities and aspirations of the Kwinana community, as identified in the Strategic Community Plan. 

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an opportunity to reflect on the events and achievements that the City and the community have shared over the past financial year.

To view previous budgets and annual reports, visit the Publications and Forms page.

Information Statement

The Information Statement is published by the City of Kwinana in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1992. It includes details relating to history and local information, local government structure, administration and statutory responsibilities and Freedom of Information (FOI). 

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