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The Restricted Burning Period is now in place, permits may be issued by contacting Rangers on 9439 0200.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

The City of Kwinana has taken many steps in recent years towards acknowledging the City's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture, including building community partnerships, honouring their history through public artworks, and more symbolic protocols such as continually flying the Aboriginal Flag.

    Conciliation Action Plan

    The City launched its Conciliation Action Plan in March 2019. The Plan outlines the future vision for conciliation between the City of Kwinana and the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as partners.

    While other council refer to this plan as ‘reconciliation’, consultation with the City’s advisory group suggested the name ‘conciliation’ better describes the journey we’re taking together.

    The Conciliation Action Plan was created from a series of meetings to seek community aspirations for conciliation. Feedback focused on key desires – relationships, respect and opportunities.

    Support services

    There are a number of local support services available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living within the City of Kwinana:

    • Mooditj Kulungars Playgroup – free program for 0-4 year olds including outdoor play and educational activities.
    • Child and Adolescent Community Health - Aboriginal Health Team – early intervention health promotion for children 0-5 years old. Located at 1 Peel Row, Kwinana Town Centre.
    • Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre (MACC) – a safe space to learn about culture and heritage. Located at 13 Leasham Way, Medina.
    • Mirambeena Leisure Centre – People Who Care – services for Aboriginal people with Disability.  
    • Mooditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre – community-controlled, not-for-profit organisation supporting the health and wellness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the region.
    • Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports – a not-for-profit charity that delivers culturally-appropriate healthy lifestyle programs in the Nyoongar country.
    • South Costal Babbingur Mia – support people to gain good health and social and emotional wellbeing.

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