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Street Signs and Advertising

Street Signs and Advertising

All signs within the City of Kwinana are subject to the requirements of the City’s local planning scheme, local laws and other policies.

While Council is mindful that effective signage is important for business, emergency services and community purposes, the City’s Policy – Advertising and Directional Signage in Thoroughfares and on Local Government Property aims to ensure that any signage is located strategically to maximise effect while minimising visual pollution and providing good amenity within the City.

Also see Local Planning Policy 9 – Advertising Signage for more information.

Requests for signage on City land (i.e. road reserves) must be in the form of a signage application and sent to

Requests for signage on privately owned land will require a Development/Planning Application

Things to note:

  • all signage must be designed in accordance with the City’s engineering and design requirements and approved by the City;
  • fees and charges that may be applicable to the installation of signage will be detailed in the City’s Schedule of Fees and Charges; and
  • graffiti removal will be in accordance with Council’s Graffiti and Vandalism Policy.

Lifespan of signs

Advertising signs will be granted approval, unless approved for a shorter term, for a period of five years with an option to extend for a further period of five years.

No advertising signage will be approved beyond a maximum of ten years. On expiration of ten years, a new application must be made for the location and if applicable, the applicant may be required to including the installation of a new sign in order to prevent the build up of old, worn and outdated signage.

At any time, the existing sign may be required to be removed and replaced at the applicant’s expense if the City believes the sign is in poor condition.

Prohibited advertising 

Prohibited advertising includes advertising that:

  • is political, religiously offensive, pornographic in nature, or that in any other way is likely to be considered offensive to any person or class of persons;
  • promotes smoking, or tobacco products;
  • promotes alcohol or the consumption of alcohol;
  • could be mistaken for a traffic sign, or that constitutes a traffic hazard; or
  • is, or the content of which, is false, deceptive or misleading.

    The above prohibitions would generally exclude actual registered business names. The City will however have discretion to approve any signage in respect to the sponsorship of local clubs and community groups within local government property.


    Preference will be given to businesses whose purpose aligns with Council’s Healthy Lifestyle Plan and the codes and initiatives of the Advertising Standards Bureau.

    Signage categories

    Specific requirements for individual styles of signs under this policy are as follows:

    • street name signs will be installed by the City, its contractors or as part of a new approved development by the developer, on street light poles whenever possible; and
    • finger signs are small signs with white reflective writing on a blue background. The purpose of finger signage is to indicate the direction or location of a business area, e.g. local shopping centre and would generally be located at a road intersection along with a street name sign.

    Signage for community facilities may be approved in specific locations for facilities such as:

    • religious centres;
    • sporting and recreational grounds and facilities;
    • civic and cultural centres;
    • non-profit organisations;
    • government facilities, eg post office, train station;
    • public toilets; and
    • emergency Services.

      Illuminated street name signs

      Illuminated street name signs for individual businesses, shopping centres or industrial complexes may be approved by the City in specific locations and on arterial routes subject to planning and building approval, but will not be approved adjacent to a residential property.

      The preferred method for lighting for illuminated signage is for solar powered lighting.

      The City will be the applicant where the sign is on City controlled land and an agreement will be entered into with the advertiser for a five year term (with an option for a further five years) with the construction and maintenance of the sign to be the responsibility of the advertiser.

      Signs at bus stops, on bus shelters and bin surrounds

      Sign installation, maintenance and advertising upon certain bus shelters, including those within the Kwinana Bus Terminal is to be in accordance with the ‘Street Furniture Agreement’ between the Minister for Transport and Adshel Street Furniture Pty Ltd dated 5 June 2000 and as amended.

      This agreement only refers to bus stops within the State Government’s ‘Rockingham – Fremantle System 21 Bus Route Plan’.

      The City may approve the installation of advertising on bus shelters and bin surrounds at bus stops for which the above agreement does not apply.

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