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The City of Kwinana is committed to its procurement purpose statement which is aimed at strengthening and maintaining a sustainable community through embracing economic, social and environmental initiatives into its procurement strategies and practices.

The City of Kwinana advertises its tenders via the Tenderlink service. This provides tenderers with a streamlined application process and allows automatic email updates and notifications. The service is free to use once registered. 

A diagram depicting the procurement cycle.

The City of Kwinana is committed to its procurement purpose statement which is aimed at strengthening and maintaining a sustainable community through embracing economic, social and environmental initiatives into its procurement strategies and practices.

When tender/quotation/consultancy opportunities arise, the City advertises and lists details on its TenderLink portal and the West Australian Newspaper. You will need to create an account to access the free portal.

To log in or create your account, visit the City of Kwinana Tenderlink Portal

Once you have an account, simply log in to view tender/quotation/consultancy opportunities, which include Invitations to Tender, Expressions of Interest, Request for Proposals and Invitations to Quote.

You will also find documents to assist you in making a formal submission.

Why Register for TenderLink?

Once confirmed as a registered supplier, you will receive email notification of any new opportunities we publish. You will also be able to access this portal to:

  • View any associated documentation
  • Participate in Q&A forums
  • Submit electronic bid responses through our secure, e-tender box facility

Should you have any technical questions, queries or problems with the City of Kwinana TenderLink Portal contact TenderLink on 1800 233 533.

Tender, Quotation and Consultant Conditions

The City must also comply with its statutory and probity responsibilities, which are managed through transparent and integrated governance frameworks and well-thought-out value for money principles.

  • All or any submissions are not necessarily accepted.
  • Canvassing of Elected Members, Employees of the City or any member of an Evaluation Panel will disqualify.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

City of Kwinana Tender Register 

Information for Current Contractors and Suppliers

For more information click on the relevant heading below.

Current Procurements
 Procurement Type  Reference Number Description/Title  Closure Date
  EOI (Expression of Interest)   EOI 02/22  Lease and Development of Lot 904 Chisham Avenue, Kwinana Town Centre    2pm AWST, Tuesday 19 July 2022
  RFT (Tender)  TEN 12/22  Supply and Lay Extruded Concrete Kerbing  2pm AWST, Thursday 21 July 2022


Procurement Status
Procurement TypeReference NumberDescription/Title StatusApproval Method
  RFT (Tender)  TEN 04/22  Provision of Bore & Irrigation Electrical Maintenance   Under Evaluation  CEO
  RFT (Tender)  TEN 08/22  Installation of Lighting Towers at Wellard Oval   Under Evaluation  CEO


Upcoming Procurement

Under the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996, Part 4, Division 2, Regulation 11, the City is required to undertake a public tender if the consideration under the contract is, or is expected to be, more than $250,000 (GST exc) over the contract term unless a legislated exemption exists and is to be utilised.

The below information is released in order to better demonstrate to the market what, when, and how the City is expecting to undertake these public tenders, and other legislated exemption methods of procurement, in order to meet the City’s needs.

This information is not expected to encompass all of the City’s requirements, with any requirement under $250,000 being undertaken in line with the requirements of the City’s Procurement Policy, with a relevant number of quotations sought.

Public Tender

 Description of Supply/Services Expected Release Date Expected Outcome Current Status
Supply, Delivery and Application of Hot Bituminous Concrete  Early 2022  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Supply of Bituminous Stabilisation Services  Early 2022  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Supply of Profiling/Planing of Road Surfaces  Early 2022  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Catering Services  September 2021  Pre-Qualified Panel of Suppliers - 3 Year Contract  Planned
Fire Mechanical and Mitigation Works  August 2021  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
CCTV Maintenance  November 2021  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Provision of Stormwater Drainage, Eduction and Cleaning Services   December 2021  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Provision of Street and Footpath Sweeping  February 2022  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned
Maintenance and Servicing of Commercial Aquatic Plant Equipment  March 2022  Single Supplier – 3 Year Contract  Planned

Restricted RFQ via WALGA/CUA

      Description of Supply/Services    Expected Release Date Expected Outcome Current Status
 ICT Desktop Hardware – Lease September 2021 Single Supplier – 4 Year Lease Planned
City Contracts
Procurement TypeReference NumberDescription/TitleContractorAward DateExpiry Date
Request For Tender676KWN20Provision of Plumbing ServicesMackie Plumbing and Gas Pty Ltd.29/06/202029/06/2025
Request For Tender677KWN20Provision of Electrical ServicesLeedenn and Lorson P/L ATF The Graesslin Family Trust trading as Elexacom13/07/202013/07/2025
Request For Tender678KWN21Bulk Waste Verge Collection, Processing and DisposalT C Waste (WA) Pty Ltd T/AS D & M Waste Management 15/07/202131/07/2024
Request For Tender680KWN20Provision of Mechanical ServicesAustralian HVAC Service Pty Ltd4/09/20204/04/2024
Request For Tender679KWN20Provision of Bituminous SealingDowner EDI Works Pty Ltd14/09/20205/11/2023
Request For Tender682KWN20Provision of Streetscape and Public Access Way MaintenanceSouthern Quickscapes21/09/20202/11/2022
Request For Tender683KWN20Provision of Tree Supply & PlantingBeaver Tree Services27/11/202031/01/2024
Request For Tender674KWN20Provision of Mowing ServicesLandscape and Maintenance Solutions5/06/20205/06/2024
Request For Tender649KWN19Provision of Tree Management ServicesBeaver Tree Services22/05/201922/05/2023
Request For Tender653KWN19Supply and Laying of Extruded Concrete KerbingKerb Direct Kerbing Pty Ltd23/08/201931/08/2022
Request For Tender657KWN19Provision of Bore and Irrigation Electrical ServicesGreenLite Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd27/08/20191/09/2022
Request For Tender650KWN19Provision of Specialised Turf ServicesTurfcare WA26/08/201928/02/2023
Request For Tender659KWN19Provision of Traffic Management ServicesAdvanced Traffic Management WA Pty Ltd4/10/20198/10/2022
Request For Tender656KWN19Provision of Bore Maintenance, Testing and ConstructionHydroquip2/10/201926/09/2022
Request For Tender658KWN19

Design, Develop and Implement a New Website and Content Management System

Alyka Pty Ltd24/10/201916/10/2023
Request For Tender660KWN19Supply and Construction of Concrete FootpathsDowsing6/11/201916/10/2022
Request For Tender661KWN19Supply & Install Fencing & BollardsForeshore Rehabilitation and Landscaping12/12/201916/12/2022
Request For Tender662KWN19Provision of Street & Footpath SweepingEnviro Sweep28/01/202028/01/2023
Request For Tender663KWN19Supply of Road Construction MaterialsWA Limestone25/02/202025/02/2023
Request For Tender643KWN18Provision of Cleaning Services for Nominated SitesCharles Cleaning Services27/02/201915/03/2023
Request For Tender618KWN16

Waste Management Services -

Waste and Recycling Collections, Processing and Disposal

Request For Tender652KWN19Review of Infrastructure Cost Estimates for Development Contribution AreasTurner & Townsend7/10/20196/10/2022
Request For Tender684KWN21Provision of Landscape Maintenance ServicesSanpoint Pty Ltd T/A LD Total3/06/20212/06/2025
Request For Tender686KWN21Honeywood Sporting Clubrooms ConstructionShelford Constructions Pty Ltd 11/08/2021 Upon Completion of the Defects Liability Period
Request For Tender689KWN21City Operations Centre Addition and Upgrade

Construct 360 Pty Ltd

27/07/2021Upon Completion of the Defects Liability Period
Request For Tender690KWN21Gilmore Avenue Shared Path ConstructionDowner EDI Works Pty Ltd29/09/2021Upon completion of the Defects Liability Period
Request For Tender691KWN21Provision of Weed Control ServicesWebsite Weed and Pest WA Pty Ltd15/09/202114/09/2024
Request For Tender687KWN21Kwinana South Volunteer Bush Fire Station Demolition and ConstructionShelford Constructions Pty Ltd10/11/2021Upon completion of the Defects Liability Period
Request For Tender694KWN21Buisness Support for Technology One ERP System Implementation Galaxy 42 Pty Ltd T/A Atturra Buisness Applications 02/02/2022 Expiry 01/02/2024
Request For TenderTEN 02/22Desktop Replacement 2022CDM Australia Pty Ltd28/04/202227/04/2025
Request For TenderTEN 01/22Stormwater Drainage Eduction and Cleaning ServicesDrainflow Services Pty Ltd 22/06/2022 21/06/2024
Request For TenderTEN 05/22Supply, Delivery and Application of Hot Bituminous ConcreteDowner Edi Works Pty Ltd 23/06/2022 22/06/2025
Request For TenderTEN 06/22Supply of Bituminous Stabilisation Services Downer Edi Works Pty Ltd 01/07/2022 30/06/2025
Request For TenderTEN 07/22Supply of Profiling/Planing of Road Surfaces Dowsing Group Pty Ltd 01/07/2022 30/06/2025


Local Supplier Registration

The City of Kwinana is offering suppliers interested in quoting for goods and services the opportunity to add themselves to a suppliers list. The list may be used as the basis for determining which suppliers are invited to quote for certain goods and services.

Quotations are by invitation only as opposed to Tenders, which are advertised publicly, unless they are the result of an Expression of Interest process. This register will allow City Officers quick access to suppliers who have registered their interest to work with the City.

If you'd like to register for forthcoming quotations, please fill out the Registration of Interest Form below.

Completion of the form does not make you a preferred supplier to the City of Kwinana.

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