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Plans and strategies

The City of Kwinana has a range of strategic plans in place to establish a vision, and set the goals and direction for the City’s future.

Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan sets out the long term vision of the Kwinana community over the next 10 years. This strategic roadmap outlines where the community want to go and how we are going to get there.

To ensure that the community’s changing aspirations are reflected, a minor review of the plan ins undertaken every two years, and a major review every four years.

The Strategic Community Plan follows the below structure;

  1. Vision – what the community want
  2. Outcomes – what the community want
  3. Strategic Objectives – what we will do

Alongside the City’s Corporate Business Plan, this plan guides all the work the City undertakes.

View the City's Strategic Community Plan 

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan guides the City toward achieving the outcomes and strategic objectives outlined in the Strategic Community Plan. Incorporating factors such as budget, workforce and assets, the Corporate Business Plan sets specific actions to help bring the community’s vision to life.

View the City's Corporate Business Plan

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan is an important financial tool that strives to achieve the strategies set out in the Strategic Community Plan. This plan provides the City with a picture of the City’s long term financial circumstances and assists in its efforts to meet the outcomes and strategic objectives.

In conjunction with the Corporate Business Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Plan, the Long Term Financial Plan aims to achieve the City’s goals and drive its vision of being “A unique and liveable City, celebrated for and connected by its diverse community, natural beauty and economic opportunities.”

View the City's Long Term Financial Plan 

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan assists the City of Kwinana in ensuring services, community events, information and facilities are accessible for those with disabilities.

It is a legislative requirement under the WA Disability Services Act (1993) that each Local Government has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

This plan ensures that all community members including elderly, parents with prams and people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds have access to City services.

View the City's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan – Boola Maara Baldja Koorliny

The Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan or Boola Maara Baldja Koorliny, which in Noongar means “many hands firmly united going forward” is aimed at developing a future vision for conciliation between the City of Kwinana and our community, as partners.

This plan will help the City work towards the key community aspirations for reconciliation outlined below;

  • the need for the City to develop strategies involving the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in order to build stronger relationships and rapport with the community; and
  • the need to have more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples working internally at the City of Kwinana and externally within Kwinana.

View the City's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

Additional Plans and Documents

  • Community Infrastructure Plan

For more corporate publications, visit the Publications and Forms page.

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