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Hidden Nature Things

Hidden Nature Things

A sculpture project by City of Kwinana X Tim Meakins

Hidden Nature Things is a project for people of all ages to embark on an exploration of their local community to find figures of a new, strange ecosystem. Large Bushes, Worms and Body Building Ants will reveal themselves in your local park and showcase what our eyes don’t usually see.

The site of this sculpture project is Bullrush Park in Wellard and will be on display from Saturday 2 July 2022. 


Download this free creative activity book 

Or collect a copy from the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre. 

The Hidden Nature Things workbook  The Hidden Nature Things workbook  The Hidden Nature Things workbook

You can use this book to record the things you find – you are the artist of these pages where you can create your own ecosystem made up from sketches of your ideas, thoughts and feelings.
This is the Nyoongar season of Maruku which is often windy, wet and cold. You can use this book inside at home on a rainy day, or you can visit the park where you can see and respond to the sculptures. Why not grab your boots and a rain jacket and let’s go!


Artist Bio 

Tim Meakins 

A picture of artist Tim Meakins

  Working across sculpture, painting, print, animation and publishing, he employs
  a visual grammar drawn from the history (and present) of computer graphics/operating
  systems and cartoons to create intensely energetic propositions around the evermutating
  forms, limits, plasticity, optical register and possibilities of digital and analogue states-of-being.    


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