Shot Hole Borer

The polyphagous shot-hole borer (PSHB) is now in the Perth Metro area, threatening trees. Report any signs of the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer here

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View Property Details (Intramaps)

Intramaps is the City’s online mapping system that provides building-specific details about your property, including:

  • Building permits – building approval, demolition permits and occupancy permits
  • Town Planning Scheme Information
  • Residential Codes (R Codes)
  • Metropolitan Region Scheme
  • Local Development Plans
  • Environmental Data
  • Infrastructure and Utilities Data
  • Lot Boundaries

To search for details about your property, head to our online mapping page and input your address.

If you need further clarification or more details, please call our Building Services team on 9439 0200 or email

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