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The Restricted Burning Period is now in place, permits may be issued by contacting Rangers on 9439 0200.

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Apply for Street Tree

All City of Kwinana residents have the opportunity to join in creating more liveable and green communities by requesting a street tree to be planted on your verge, which the City will supply, plant and water at no cost.

Street trees help improve the health of our communities, by improving the appearance of streets, reducing the urban heating, and provide shade and shelter for the environment.

A normal residential Lot shall be allocated one tree, a corner property maybe allocated two or three. 

The annual tree planting program is undertaken in the winter months between May and June, and is subject to funding and availability of species.

Although residents have the opportunity to request a particular species, the City’s Parks team will need to determine the most suitable species for your address with consideration to;

  • Above and below ground services
  • Size and width of verge
  • Vehicle and pedestrian sightlines
  • Existing species in your street and area
  • If the verge forms part of an avenue of a singular species

The City will determine the appropriate location for the tree, and will undertake manual tree watering for two years after the tree is planted. Residents are encouraged to provide the tree with extra water.

The trees are planted each year during the winter and all application forms need to be received by 31 May of each year to ensure stock availability. 

To apply for a street tree,​ please complete the below form​. If you require any further information, please contact the City's Customer Service Team on 9439 0200.​​​​​​​

Property Types

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Is your verge under powerlines?

To learn more about the tree species available, read our tree fact sheets.

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