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Due to the ongoing High Threat Bushfire period and seasonal conditions being unfavourable for bushfires, the DFES Commissioner has extended the Prohibited Burning Period until Midnight 28 April due to seasonal conditions. Read the full public notice.

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Fences and Retaining Walls

Residential fences

A front fence includes a wall, screen, retaining wall or the like located in the front setback area of a property.​

When is Council approval required?

A building permit from the City is required if the proposed front fence height exceeds 1200mm in a Residential Zone.

Please note that a building permit application must be submitted:

  • if a front fence exceeds 1.2m in height; or 
  • if a front fence is more than 750mm in height and is located within 1.5m of any driveway.

In all instances, all fencing materials must comply with the City of Kwinana Fencing Local Law​ and Example of Front Fence Detail.

A front fence may also be a dividing fence between different properties. In such situations, the Dividing Fences Act 1961 may apply. You may need to discuss with your neighbour regarding your proposed front fence. See dividing fences for more information.

The City of Kwinana does not administer the Dividing Fences Act 1961. An online brochure

'Dividing Fences Guide' can be obtained from the DMIRS - Deptartment of Building and Energy website​.

Retaining walls - residential

Retaining walls are sometimes required to facilitate proposed ground levels on a lot.

If the proposed retaining wall is substantial, a building licence needs to be obtained from the City's Building Services prior to construction. In some instances, in addition to a building licence, a development approval may also need to be obtained from the City's Planning Service.

Depending on the extent of the retaining works, a minor retaining wall may sometimes be constructed without the approval of the City.

For further information, see Retaining Walls Residential Lots Information.

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