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Your Bins and Collection Day

Information on your bin collection day, recycling week, and how the City can support you with your bin service.

Find Your Bin Collection Day

To find your bin collection day, recycling week and your verge collection by:

  1. Open Intramaps*

  2. Click on the ‘Address Search’ tab located in the bottom left section of the page
  3. Insert your property address details
  4. Select ‘Search’.

Your bin collection days will appear on the right-hand-side of the screen.

*If this is the first time you have used Intramaps, you may be asked to read and accept the terms of use.

Your rubbish bin and recycling bin are collected on the same day, with recycling bins collected fortnightly.

Handy hint: Keep track of your recycling fortnight (Area) by marking this on your Waste and Recycling Guide.

The Waste and Recycling Guide is delivered to each household in June for the following financial year. If you have not received a hard copy of the Waste and Recycling Guide, contact Waste Services on 9439 0200 or email

Download the Waste and Recycling Guide.

Bin Collection on Public Holidays​​​ 

All public holidays are serviced on their normal collection days, except for:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday

If your bin is scheduled to be emptied on one of the above mentioned public holidays, your bin will be collected the following day.

How to Use Your Bins

Your Bins

You have two bins:

  • Recycling bin (yellow lid)
  • General rubbish bin (dark green lid)

Any broken bins that can no longer be used are recycled. 

Ensure your bin lid closes to avoid accidental litter ending up in our natural environment. Effective waste disposal can help to protect our environment and fight climate change.

Your Recycling Bin (Yellow Lidded)

Your yellow-topped waste bin is for recycling only, including:

  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans
  • Cardboard - boxes, egg cartons and inner tubes from toilet roll and paper towel, milk/juice cartons (not silver lined UHT long life cartons)
  • Paper - newspaper, paper bags, computer paper, envelopes, magazines, junk mail, paper wrapping paper (not shredded paper)
  • Plastic bottles and containers without lids (no polystyrene foam or meat trays)
  • Glass - bottles and jars (remove lids, metal lids go in recycling bin – place them in a steel can and pinch it together)

The following waste items must not be placed in the recycling bin:

  • Soft and flexible plastic – Do not bag recyclable waste
  • Food and organic garden materials
  • Electronic waste (e-waste)
  • Aerosol cans, chemicals and cleaners
  • Batteries
  • Textiles eg. material.
  • Polystyrene
  • Meat trays and take-away containers

All items should be empty, clean and dry. Remove lids and place in the bin loose (small lids to be placed in waste bin). Do not place recyclables in bags.

To remind you what items can be placed in your recycle bin, the City offers ‘Recycle Bin Stickers’ for free to all residents. To order a sticker, please contact the City on 9439 0200 or email

Want to see what happens to the contents of the yellow top recycling bin in Kwinana after it has been collected? To see inside the Bibra Lake’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF), check out their online tour.Veolia’s 360 Virtual Online Tour

For assistance on how to recycle correctly, please visit Recycle Right

Your General Waste Bin (Green Lidded)

Your general waste bin is for small, non-hazardous household waste, food waste or garden waste only.

The bin must not contain more than 70kg of waste. Bins over 70kg will not be collected by our waste trucks. You will be required to lighten your bin before we are able to collect it.

The following waste items must not be placed in the bin:

  • Hot or burning ashes
  • Oils or poisons
  • Acid or hazardous waste
  • Aerosol cans
  • Batteries (car or household)
  • Sand, bricks, mortar, concrete
  • Large, heavy, sharp objects
  • Asbestos
  • Motor vehicle parts, tyres, oil filters
  • Pathological or cytotoxic waste
  • Medical waste
  • Gas cylinders
  • Fluorescent tubes or CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps)
  • Electronic equipment (E-Waste or anything that has a cord)

These items should be taken to an appropriate waste disposal Facility. Fees may apply.

To find out how to dispose of your waste correctly, visitRecycle Right

In-Home Waste Collection (Aged Persons and People With Disability)

Do you have difficulty placing your bin on the verge for collection day?

The City offers in-home waste collection services for eligible aged persons and people with disability.

A representative from the City’s waste contractor can bring your bin out for collection and return it for you on rubbish day.

To apply:

  1. Complete the In-home waste collection services application
  2. Submit the form (along with proof of age/disability) to the City:
  • By email at
  • By post to City of Kwinana, PO Box 21, Kwinana WA 6966
  • In person to the City’s Administration Centre

Once your application has been received, we will review and contact you within 7 working days. If your application has been approved, we will advise you the date of service commencement.

If your in-home waste collection service is missed, please contact the City’s contractor on 1300 293 955.

If you are having trouble completing this form, please contact the City on 9439 0200 or email us on

My Bin Services

How do I place my bins for collection?

Your bins should be put out for collection by 6am on your collection day. You can place your bins out the night before your collection day.

Place your bin(s) on the kerb, with the wheels facing your house and the lid closed.

On the day when both bins are collected, place them 50cm apart.

It is important that there is nothing obstructing access to the bins. If so, they may not be collected.

Bins presented in laneways should be at least 50cm from the fence or garage to avoid damage.

Be careful not to compact waste in your bin as it may get wedged and not drop out when the bin is emptied by the waste collection vehicle.

Bins must be put away by the end of your collection day.

What if my bin(s) have not been collected?

If you think that your bin has not been emptied, please check your bin first as trucks can leave the lids closed once emptied. If there is waste in the bin, ensure it is not compacted by loosening up your waste, then contact the City’s contractor on 1300 293 955.

Make sure your bins are out by 6am to make sure they are emptied on your bin day.

How do I order new or additional bin/s?

The City's contractor manages all residential requests for new bin services and changes to existing bin services.

To request a new bin, contact the City’s contractor on 1300 293 955.

You must be the property owner to order a new or additional bin.

Are there any costs for a new or additional bin?

There are costs for a new or additional bin. See Council Fees and Charges for detailed information on all waste related costs. These costs will be added to your annual rates notice.

What if my bin(s) have been damaged or are missing?

The City's waste contractor can repair bins with loose or missing lids, wheels or missing parts free of charge.

If your bin is missing, we will replace your bin free of charge.

To request a bin repair or replacement bin, please contact the City’s contactor on 1300 293 955.

Can I upgrade my recycling bin?

Yes! ​​​It is free to upgrade your recycle bin from a 240 litre bin to a 360 litres bin.

To apply, please contact the City’s contractor on 1300 293 955.

Our contractor will explain the process and assist you with the free upgrade.

How do I use my waste and recycling bin?

Visit Recycling and Waste Reduction for information on how to use your waste and recycling bin correctly.

Improper use of your waste or recycling bin may result in an infringement under the City’s Waste Local Law. If you use your recycling bin incorrectly, the City may remove your recycling service.

Please ensure that you use your bins correctly to help us protect our natural environment.

Multilingual resources available to learn more about how to use your bins

More Information and Contacts

For more information about your bins, please contact the City’s contractor on 1300 293 955.

Learn More About Waste

Recycle Right is a mobile phone application and online resource that assists Perth residents recycle correctly. Recycle Right has great resources, such as ‘find my nearest’ drop off point for waste that cannot be placed in a bin, and a ‘Materials A-Z ‘, which is a list of approved items and how to dispose of them.

Recycle Mate is a national mobile phone application and online resource that using artificial intelligence scans products and then advises residents how to dispose of them correctly in the local government area they are residing.

Waste Sorted shows ways to reduce your impact through Gifting, Recycling, Earth Cycling, Avoiding and Taking.

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