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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act gives the public the right to apply for access to documents held by Public Sector agencies, which include Local Government Authorities.

Further information about the Freedom of Information process is available in the City's Information Statement

The following information is available without a Freedom of Information request. 

  • available for purchase or free to the public;
  • electronic or physical freely available online or for inspection, such as Council minutes;
  • non-public where supported by relevant legislation;
  • available for inspection (may be subject to a fee/charge);
  • a State archive;
  • publicly available library material held by agencies for reference purposes; or
  • made or acquired by an art gallery, museum or library and preserved for public reference or exhibition purposes.

Fees and Charges 

All Freedom of Information applications are subject to a $30.00 fee. Upon receiving the request, the City will provide an estimate of charges for processing the claim and will explain the basis upon which it is made. Aside from the application fee, all other fees are subject to the application. 

The Freedom of Information Act enables the City to require an applicant to pay a deposit for charges relating to the claim. If the deposit is not paid within 30 days of being requested, then the claim is deemed to have been withdrawn.

Further information on costs can be found at the Office of the Information Commissioner.

How to apply for Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information applications can be made using the form below. Please note; the City has the right to refuse access to a document if it contains matters that are exempt or if it has taken all reasonable steps to find the document but it cannot be found or considers that it does not exist.

The City is obliged to process an application as soon as is practicable, but in any event within a period of 45 days after receiving the application.

Proof of identity may be required upon request. If you are seeking information on behalf of another person, the City will require written authorisation from the individual.

Freedom of Information Application Form

Details of Request (Please select)

I wish to inspect the Documents

I require a copy of the document(s) (Documents are generally provided in electronic form)

Please attach any documentation relating to the consent for release of information (optional)

Written authorisation from the individual you are seeking information on behalf of etc.
I am requesting a reduction in fees and charges.

Please confirm your identity

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