Climate change

Climate change

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan

The City of Kwinana recognises its responsibility to act on important climate change issues.

A mid-term review of the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan was adopted in September 2018. This document outlines a plan for reducing carbon emissions and adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change with a particular focus on City assets. ​

A number of initiatives have already been implemented as part of the original and updated versions of the plan, including:​

  • in​​​stalled solar panels on the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre (100kW), Adventure Park (8kW), Business Incubator (15kW), Bertram Community Centre (10kW), John Wellard Community Centre (30kW), Fiona Harris Pavilion (10kW) and Wellard Pavilion (10kW). In total, the City now has 213kW of solar capacity installed on a variety of buildings which save approximately $74,000 in electricity costs every year;
  • completed installation of real time energy monitoring on the Recquatic;
  • conducted energy audits at the Administration Building, Koorliny Arts Centre, the Business Incubator and the Recquatic;
  • installed a Building Management System at the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre which allowed air conditioning system timers to be altered, resulting in a drastic reduction of energy use. This is saving approximately $15,000 in electricity costs each year and significantly reduced maintenance costs as the old system required frequent maintenance call-outs;
  • implemented an office food waste recycling system and rationalised under desk bins; 
  • purchased two pool bikes for staff use;
  • implemented the ‘paper cut’ system of printing which requires staff to release print jobs using their security cards. This system has been found to significantly reduce wasted printing;
  • continued participation in the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance to assess sea level rise in the region; and
  • planted 219 advanced street trees in the Industrial area and 106 along Johnson Road in Bertram in 2016/17. In May 2018, the City planted 205 street trees in Bertram and 234 in the Industrial Area and forty-eight new street trees were planted on request by residents. In 2019, 125 street trees were planted in Bertram, 150 trees were planted in the Industrial area and 207 street trees were planted in other areas throughout the City of Kwinana. Street tree planting assists to cool areas which will be increasingly affected by the urban heat island effect. As part of its revegetation program, the City also plants around 15,000 local native plants (including trees) each year. The City runs a native seedling subsidy scheme annually, where local residents are able to purchase native seedlings to plant in their own gardens at a subsidised rate. In May 2020, there were 1860 seedlings purchased by residents through this program.

In addition to the above, the City has implemented the following policy and community education initiatives to address water and climate change issues:

  • Green Building Policy (new and renovated Council buildings) - adopted by Council in January 2018;
  • Local Planning Policy No 1 Landscape Feature and Tree Retention – this planning policy aims to retain vegetation in new development sites which assists with stormwater attenuation and urban cooling;
  • Living Smart Sustainable Living Courses – a seven-week sustainable living course for residents has been delivered annually for the past four years; and
  • Switch Your Thinking – the City joined Switch Your Thinking, a regional organisation of Councils that delivers sustainability programs to the public.  As part of this, the City receives public education workshops, access to the Rewards for Residents and Rewards for Businesses program, recognition programs like Switched on Schools and Switched on Businesses, competitions such as the Young Reinventor of the Year program as well as other grant-funded projects. 

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The City runs workshops, seminars and courses on a variety of sustainability topics throughout the year. 

If you would like to be placed on a mailing list to receive notification of these events please contact the City's Sustainability Officer. ​

For handy tips of how to save water in and around your own h​ome, please download the following brochures

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