Easter Long Weekend

Please be advised that the City administration building and several City facilities will be closed for the Easter long weekend from Friday, 7 April through to Monday, 10 April (inclusive). 

Bins will not be collected on Good Friday (Friday, 7 April), residents impacted are advised to place their bins out on Saturday, 8 April by 6am. Collection for Easter Monday (10 April 2023) and the ANZAC Day Public Holiday (25 April 2023) remain unchanged, for any enquiries please contact 1300 293 955.

We look forward to seeing you again from Tuesday, 11 April. 

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CCTV Security Subsidy

CCTV Security Subsidy

The City of Kwinana is providing a subsidy for residents and business of up to $500 or $750 for health care card holders off the cost of new closed circuit television (CCTV) installations and / or Sensor Lights in the City that include a public angle field of view overlooking the road, footpath, front verge, or any other applicable public area.

This is a voluntary, opt in program for people who meet the terms and conditions of the program.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) can deter potential offenders from criminal activity and help with the detection, investigation, and prosecution of offenders.

The City of Kwinana has developed a subsidy program aimed at increasing the number of CCTV systems in strategic locations within the City. The subsidy aims to empower local residents and business owners to take ownership of their street and actively contribute to reducing crime.

Subsidy applications will be limited to one per household / business.

Before installation or upgrade of your CCTV system, please review the Terms and Conditions to verify that the desired setup will be eligible for the subsidy.

Terms and Conditions
  1. CCTV cameras / Sensor Lights must be installed at a property or business within the City of Kwinana.
  2. If you are renting within the City of Kwinana, home owners approval is required if you would like a hard wired option. Alternatively, wireless / plug and play camera options are available.
  3. This subsidy is only applicable to systems installed or upgraded from 1 January 2023 to 14 April 2023, or until funding is exhausted.
  4. The CCTV Security Subsidy is applicable to either newly installed systems or upgrades to improve the quality of an existing system (providing this adds or improves a public facing camera).
  5. The system must be fully installed, payment made to the authorised business, and subsidy application completed in full and submitted to the City before 14 April 2023.
  6. One application per property / business will be considered.
  7. At least one camera must have a sufficient view of a public space, such as the road, footpath, front verge, park, reserve, or any other applicable public area.
  8. The CCTV system must be a fixed camera and installed in accordance with the Surveillance Devices Act 1998 and Privacy Act 1988.
  9. The CCTV must be registered on the WA Police State CCTV Register, Cam-Map WA. To register, visit the Cam-Map website. and submit their confirmation email as part of their subsidy application.
  10. The City provides no guarantee that a subsidy can be provided to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended prior to the processing of your application.
  11. The City will subsidise the cost of a new or improved CCTV system or sensor lights, up to a maximum of $500 or $750 for health care card holders.
  12. Applicants must not have a current outstanding debt with the City.
  13. Allocating funding to a project remains the discretion of the City.
  14. The City reserves the right to cancel the subsidy arrangements at any time if any of the above conditions have not been met to the satisfaction of the City. The City will not be liable for any cost incurred by the applicant.
  • Application Instructions:

    Read Terms and Conditions and Application Instructions

    Please read over all the Terms and Conditions and all of the Application Instructions.

  • Decide on your CCTV system and / or Sensor Light option.

    The City has no preferred suppliers or installers. There are many security companies and installers that will be able to provide you with a quality CCTV system. Speak to them about options for your property, and how much you are able to spend. You are welcome to go with whichever security installer you like.

  • Install and pay for your CCTV system and / or Sensor Lights. If a hard wired system is chosen, this must be installed by a registered, qualified electrician.

    Remember to get a copy of your proof of payment, and the technical specifications of your system.

  • Complete and submit the funding application form via Smarty Grants

    Please complete all sections of the funding application form, and send it to the City before 14 April 2023.Remember to include all the required attachments:
    • Proof of payment for your CCTV project (a paid invoice, receipt, bank transfer)
    • Confirmation email from WA Police Force Cam-Map system The CCTV system must be registered with the WA Police Force Cam-Map.


The City will review your funding application against the agreed Terms and Conditions. In the event the City requires more information an officer will contact you. Funds will be transferred electronically to the account nominated on the application form.

If you have any questions in relation to CCTV Security Subsidy contact our Community Development Officer – Community Safety sinead.gilligan@kwinana.wa.gov.au

CCTV Registration Rebate

The City of Kwinana has partnered with WA Police to provide rebates of $50 to local businesses and residents who register their current functioning CCTV systems.

Cam-Map WA is a wide-ranging secure database of all voluntarily registered CCTV systems across WA. This platform invites homeowners to self-register their CCTV system onto a secure database which is operated by the Western Australia Police Force. The knowledge obtained from knowing the locations of installed CCTV systems will support WA Police in investigations and ultimately enhance public safety within the community.

Apply Today


Before you make your application please make sure you have the below images ready to upload to this application form:

  • Proof of Cam-Map registration
  • Photo of the public facing location of the CCTV camera
  • Photo of the quality and field of view of the CCTV camera
  • Proof of residence for the property


  • All tenants and owners of residential properties or business within the City of Kwinana are eligible to apply for the subsidy;
  • CCTV may be wireless or hardwired
  • One application per household
  • Applicant must provide proof of residency for the property; e.g. copy of a rates notice, utility bill or rent notice
  • Applicant must provide photographic proof that the camera is a public facing camera and show the camera's location, and house number or business name (in the same image);
  • The subsidy will be available from February 2022 - December 2022, or until all funds are expended, whichever is sooner;
  • The CCTV must be registered on the WA Police State CCTV Register, Cam-Map WA. To register, visit the Cam-Map website
  • The applicant agrees to share any relevant footage at WAPOL's request.

How to Register

  1. Click on https://kwinana.smartygrants.com.au/CCTV1 and register an account
  2. Check your eligibility and continue
  3. Complete Applicant Details
  4. Upload your images*
  5. Complete Payment and Bank Details
  6. Submit**

*Application requires a minimum of four images

1. Showing camera is public facing.

2. 10sec clip taken from camera.

3. Cam-Map WA registration certificate.

4. Proof of residency

**Please note: applications can take up to six weeks to process and have payments into your account

Register yours today! For further information, contact our Community Development Officer – Community Safety sinead.gilligan@kwinana.wa.gov.au

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