Restricted Burning Period City of Kwinana

The Restricted Burning Period is now in place, permits may be issued by contacting Rangers on 9439 0200.

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Security and Crime Prevention

Find out about Ranger services and what you can do to help fight crime in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a Police and community-based program, aimed at reducing preventable crime in your neighbourhood.

It's free to join, simple to participate in and can involve everyone in the community.

For more information on getting your street involved visit the Neighbourhood Watch website

Ranger security services

Rangers are the local law enforcement service for the City of Kwinana.

Rangers can respond to safety and security concerns at:

  • council-owned buildings; and
  • council-owned reserves and parks.

To contact our Rangers call 9439 0200.

Rangers cannot respond to issues that are outside of council-owned and controlled facilities or any non-local government land. This includes:

  • hooning complaints;
  • neighbourly disputes;
  • off-road vehicle issues;
  • security or parking control issues;
  • personal welfare or safety issues;
  • security patrols or inspections; or
  • suspicious persons, vehicles and disturbances.

Please contact WA Police on 131 444 to report any of the above. Save time and go online to report issues to the Police to make things quicker, easier and more convenient for you. 

Visit the WA Police Force Online Services.

Home security tips

The following tips will help you make your home more secure:

  • make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave;
  • keep fly screens locked when you are in your home;
  • remember fly screens stop flies, not people;
  • never leave keys outside your home;
  • cut back shrubbery around the house to ensure natural surveillance;
  • make sure your house number can be seen clearly from the road;
  • keep the area around your home well-lit at night;
  • keep garden sheds, garages and side gates locked;
  • make sure any tools or ladders are locked away;
  • keep your post and meter boxes locked;
  • install a burglar alarm;
  • have all your valuables engraved or property marked;
  • always keep money, handbags and keys out of view away from doors and windows;
  • never give personal details over the phone; and
  • fit a door viewer and never let strangers into your home.

Bike theft and Trolley Tracker

Bike theft is a big problem in Western Australia. Join Bikelinc which connects you, police and the cycling community. Bikelinc can help police and the community return your bike if it’s lost or stolen. Bikelinc is powered by Crime Stoppers WA and used in Western Australia and Australian Capital territory.

The City encourages the local community to report abandoned shopping trolleys via Trolley Tracker. Help us keep our community looking beautiful and tidy by reporting abandoned trolleys via the Trolley Tracker website or the app.

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