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The Restricted Burning Period is now in place, permits may be issued by contacting Rangers on 9439 0200.

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Do I Need a Permit?

A building permit is required for all structures (residential, commercial or industrial) including, but not limited to - new works, alterations i.e. removal of internal walls, additions, swimming pools, spas (below and above ground), safety barriers (fencing) for pools and spas, patios and sheds.

    The following requirements are applicable to every building permit application:

    1. All DMIRS - Department Building and Energy forms i.e. BA1, BA2 and BA7, requiring a builder’s signature will only be accepted if signed by the registered builder listed on the Building Commission website. No other signatures or authority to sign on their behalf will be accepted.   
    2. Site plans submitted in support of any type of building approval are to be clear and legible, devoid of any previous approvals or stamps, clearly show all existing structures and define the new proposed works. See Building Application Drawing Requirements
    3. All roofed structures requiring a building permit will require stamped/signed engineered drawings supporting the application regardless of the material, size or span. Gutter size, downpipe location and soakwell capacity should also be shown.     
    4. All glass pool barriers will require stamped/signed engineered drawings to support the application identifying the glass selection, connections, in ground fixings and hardware.  

    Find out more about when a building permit is required. 

    How to obtain a building permit

    An application form for approval can be downloaded via the DMIRS - Department Building and Energy website. Once the form has been completed, the building permit application can be submitted via the City's online services platform

    Application forms and further information

    Associated Costs

    Associated costs of the submission of a building permit application can be found in the building fees and charges document

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