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Recycling and Waste Reduction

Actions and resources you can use to reduce your environmental impact at home, work, and school.

Reducing Waste at Home

A Be a GREAT Sort promotional graphic

Be a GREAT Sort

Your landfill bin is the last place for waste. With a bit of waste sorting at home, it could be empty each week! There are many GREAT Sorts on every street in Kwinana who put 60% less waste into their landfill bin by doing these five GREAT things:

  • G is for Gifting things to charity, swapping or selling
  • R is for Recycling only these 5 things: Metal cans, cardboard, paper, glass and plastic bottles, jars and containers
  • E is for Earth-cycling food scraps and garden waste into compost
  • A is for Avoiding excess packaging and disposable containers
  • T is for Taking batteries, e-waste and chemicals to local drop-off points

Be a GREAT Sort by visiting WasteSorted

Want to learn more? Become a GREAT Sort by joining our program. Subscribe to Love My Kwinana to stay informed with what’s happening with waste in the City.


Learn how to use your bins correctly at home on the Bins and Collection Dates page.

For a comprehensive list of what can go in each bin please go to Recycle Right.

Recycle right


View the table below to find out which Earth-cycling method will work best for you.

            Compost unitsWorm farmsBokashi binsEnsoPet Pet Waste Composter
Dwelling suitabilityAll households with gardens and schoolsAll households, offices, apartments and schoolsAll households, offices, apartments and schoolsAll households with gardens and schools
Unit locationPreferably outdoors, away from house in a sunny areaPreferably outdoors (can go indoors) in the shadeAnywhereOutside
EfficiencyVariable depending on unit, nutrient balance and aerationVariable depending on unit, nutrient balance and wormsEfficient for food waste. Larger items may need to be buried to complete breakdownIn ground composter. Breaks down pet waste efficiently
Odour LevelsNil if maintained correctlyNil if maintained correctlyNil if maintained correctlyNil if maintained correctly


(rough guide only)

Unit: $20-$500

Maintenance: No cost once set up

*Rebate of $60 offered by the City of Kwinana after attending workshop

Unit: $20-$200

Maintenance: $5-$10 (dolomite lime)

*Subsidy of $135 offered by City of Kwinana after attending workshop – Purchase to be made on the day

Unit: $50

Maintenance: $10-$20 (Bokashi mix/spray)

Discounted unit available at the City of Kwinana Administration Building

Unit: $70-$80

Maintenance: $10-$25 (EnsoPet starter)

*Rebate of $60 offered by the City of Kwinana after attending workshop
Type of fertiliser createdSolidSolid and liquidLiquidSolid

Beginner's Guide to Composting: Bokashi, Worm Farms and Bins

Learn more about the Bokashi Bins at the City of Kwinana.

Waste Workshops and Events

Check out when our next workshop is by visiting What’s On.

Waste Education Visits and Workshops

The City can facilitate workshops and presentations, discussing all things waste. For more information, phone the Waste Education Officer on 08 9439 0275 or send us an email on customer@kwinana.wa.gov.au.

Limited sessions are available throughout the year.

Earthcycling Subsidies, Rebates and More

Subsidised Reusable Nappy Program

Did you know Australian parents are changing between 2500 and 3000 nappies per year, per child? That's a lot of disposables sent to landfill!

Cloth nappies have a reputation of being ugly and hard to clean, however the new style of cloth nappies are not only cute, but simple to clean and can save parents a heap of money.

The City is making it easier for parents to make the switch to cloth nappies by offering subsidised nappy bundles from Earthside Eco Bums as well as workshops, in person and online and ongoing support.

Register your interest today for a one on one online consult or check out our What's On pages for upcoming nappy workshops. By attending one of these events you can purchase a reusable nappy pack for just $60, a saving of almost $200. 

Compost Bin Subsidies

Composting is a great way to avoid sending organic waste to landfill, converting organic waste into nutrient rich compost for your garden.

The City of Kwinana hosts free Composting workshops throughout the year. Residents who complete a composting workshops are eligible to receive a $60 rebate!

To receive a rebate, simply complete Compost Bin Rebate Application Form and return it to the City.

Proof of attendance to a local government composting workshop, recipe and proof of residency is required to be eligible for this rebate.

Discounted Bokashi bins

The City has introduced Bokashi (in-home) composting buckets as an alternative option for residents with limited space to manage household organic waste and avoid waste to landfill.

The Bokashi bins and Bokashi mix will be available for $50 ($50 off). Collect your bin at the City of Kwinana’s Customer Service desk in the Administration Building, Monday to Friday during opening hours.

2 x Bokashi bin maximum per residential address

Worm Farm subsidy 

The City of Kwinana offers residents who attend a worm farming workshop a subsidised complete worm café for $100 (usually $235)

  • The complete worm café set up includes:
  • Worm Cafe unit (dimensions - length: 55cm, width: 40cm, height: 75cm; colour - black; 4 trays (1 base and 3 working trays); fly proof lid; 4 legs; tap)
  • 1 kilogram of live worms (approximately 4000 worms)
  • 500g Dolomite
  • Castings for establishment
  • Worm Blanket
  • Comprehensive instructions

Taking Waste to Drop-Off Points

Containers for Change

Containers for Change gives 10 cents for any eligible beverage container deposited at one of their facilities. Containers for Change is a great way to reduce litter, help the environment and raise funds.

Register today and start making an income from your waste. Find out your closest location by visiting Containers for Change.


Terracycle allows you to recycling writing instrument, cleaning product, electric toothbrushes, gloves, masks, razors, toys and more. Terracycle recycles used many items free of charge. Others may cost incur a cost. Visit Terracyle for more information​.


B-Cycle recycles all used batteries from households. Collect your batteries at home and conveniently drop them off at a B-Cycle drop off points when you go to your local shopping centre.

Find your closest drop off location by visiting B-Cycle.

Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges can be recycled through Planet Ark. Planet Ark offer a free collection box and courier (minimums apply).

Printer Cartridges can also be recycled at Officeworks.

In addition, you can recycle your printer cartridges for free at drop off locations. Visit RecycleRight to find your location drop off location.

Plastic Toys

Recycling plastic toys is easy! Pop down to your local Big W to donate your toys to be reused by less fortunate families, or recycled if unusable.

Instead of buying new toys, you can borrow toys free of charge from our local library. Visit the Activities and Services for Children page for more information.

Blister Packs

You can recycle your blister packs at local participating chemists. Visit Pharmacycle to find your location participating chemist.

Phones and Chargers

Phones and charges can be recycled at Woolworths and Coles. Visit B-Cycle for more locations near you.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs can be deposited at the Millar Road Landfill and Henderson Waste Recovery Centre. Visit Recycling Near You for more locations.

Reducing Waste at School

School incursions

A City officer can come to your school with a tailored presentation to talk about waste and recycling free of charge.

For more information, phone the Waste Education Officer on 08 9439 0275 or send us an email on customer@kwinana.wa.gov.au.

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans is a waste education program free to all schools in Kwinana. Plastic Oceans Australian Education Program educates students on the impacts of single use plastic on our planet and oceans. The program provides hands on activities, resources, and workshops to engage children about this very important issue of single use plastic.

For more information, phone the Waste Education Officer on 08 9439 0275 or send us an email on customer@kwinana.wa.gov.au.

Learn more about Plastic Oceans

The Recoverables

The City of Kwinana partners with Veolia Recycling & Recovery to provide a free waste education program to local schools.

Veolia’s waste education officer will come out to your school and discus how to correctly use your bins and reduce your waste in the classroom and at home.

Contact Veolia on education.anz@veolia.com or 08 9350 7111 to find out more or book a visit.

Learn more about The Recoverables

Waste Sorted Schools by the Waste Authority

Waste Sorted Schools program aids schools across Western Australia to incorporate responsible waste management behaviours into learning with a focus on avoiding waste and resource recovery.

Teachers and schools are provided with free services including but not limited to professional learning, workshops, webinars, online resources, plans, policies, curriculum materials, fun activities, incursions and waste audits

For more information, visit WasteSorted Schools or email wastesortedschools@dwer.wa.gov.au for more information.

Clean Schools by Keep Australia Beautiful

Schools often encounter problems managing litter. The Clean Schools Program aims at changing behaviour of students by providing resources and utilising a whole school approach to tackle the problem.

Eco Schools Australia

Eco Schools is a global environmental education program Which empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and environmental awareness through a seven-step process.

School 10 Cent Container Fundraising

Set your school up to fundraise by collecting 10¢ containers to earn money for school initiatives.  Check out the Container for Change website to learn how your school can become a containers for change donation point for fundraising. The website has resources for schools to learn how to fundraise containers for change and a few containers for change fundraising resources to assist in the process.

Planet Arc Lesson Plans

The planet arc website has many resources including lesson plans for different age groups that align with the Australian curriculum. For more information head to https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/nationalrecyclingweek/at-school/lesson-plans.

Reducing Waste at Work

Waste Audit

The City offers free waste audits to businesses within the City of Kwinana. Our Waste Education Officer will visit your business and provide relevant information, presentations, and resources to reduce your environmental footprint.

For more information, phone the Waste Education Officer on 08 9439 0275 or send us an email on customer@kwinana.wa.gov.au.

Waste Sorted

Waste Sorted provides free information to encourage companies to reduce waste in the workplace. This resource provides a checklist and tips that can help your work be more waste conscious.

Planet Ark Business Recycling

Planet Ark business-recycling is an online resource for all types of workplaces wanting to be more sustainable and reduce waste going to landfill.

Reducing Waste in the Community

10 Cent Container Fundraising

Set your community group up to fundraise by collecting 10¢ containers to earn money for more community initiatives. Check out the Container for Change website to learn how your group can become a containers for change donation point for fundraising. The website has resources for groups to learn how to fundraise containers for change and a few containers for change fundraising resources to assist in the process.

Waste Sorted Community Grants

The WasteSorted Community Education Grants program (WasteSorted Grants) is a State Government initiative administered by the Waste Authority. WasteSorted Community Education Grants provide funding of up to $25,000 per project to improve waste behaviour in ways that support the aims of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 (the waste strategy). To learn more an apply go to the Waste Authority Waste Programs website.

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