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Keeping Bees, Poultry, Birds, Horses and Livestock


The City of Kwinana has local laws for keeping bees and only permits registered bee keepers to keep bee hives. If you would like to keep bee hives on your property you must apply for a bee keeping permit in accordance with the requirements of the local law. 

Is there a bee hive on your property that requires removal?

To report a bee hive and organise safe removal, please contact a bee keeper or pest control operator to have the hive removed.

Is there a bee hive on Council verges or parks that requires removal? 

To report a bee hive please contact the City’s Customer Service Team on 9439 0200 or by email.

More information on pest management: Bee Swarms and a list of willing swarm catchers.


If you are considering keeping poultry on your property, you need to apply for approval from City of Kwinana Environmental Health Services. Requirements vary depending on the zone of your land. Roosters, turkeys, geese, peacocks or peahens are not permitted on any residential premises.

Poultry must be kept in an enclosed area which is required to be at least nine metres away from your house and other neighbouring habitable dwellings.

For residential areas, you may apply to keep up to 20 poultry. For rural and special rural areas, you may apply to keep more than 20 poultry up to maximum of 150 poultry.


To apply to keep horses on your property, you must first apply for planning approval for the use of the land with a management plan for that same property. If you intend to have stables or shelters, as well as associated buildings and facilities, you must then apply for building approvals.

Aspects to consider include stocking rates, paddocks, stables, fencing, waste management, vegetation, pest control, stormwater management, fertiliser management and irrigation. These matters must be included in any management plan for the keeping of horses that may be required.

An application is to be made to City of Kwinana Environmental Health Services Department for consideration for registration of the equine premises. Assessment will be made in accordance with the Health (Keeping of Horses and Equine Premises) Local Laws 1997.

If a registered equine premises is proposed to be sold, the registered holder shall apply to Council Environmental Health Services to transfer the registration to the proposed owner within seven (7) days of the date of sale of the property. Variations to the stocking rates, existing structures will also require that an application be submitted. 


Pigeons shall be kept in accordance with the Code of Practice for Pigeon Keeping and Racing in Western Australia and the City of Kwinana Local Law No. 29B.

The maximum number of pigeons must not exceed 20 unless you belong to a Pigeon Racing/Fancier’s Club and can provide current proof with the application. Written comments are required from all adjoining properties for land zoned under the Scheme for Grouped Housing. Building approvals are required if the enclosure, cage or loft is greater than 10m2 and/or 2.4m2 high.

​An application is to be made to City of Kwinana Environmental Health Services Department for registration of keeping of pigeons. 

Additional information

Cows, sheep, pigs, goats and other livestock

Following approval from the City's Planning team, livestock may be permitted on rural properties within the City of Kwinana. Farm animals are NOT permitted in areas of the city zoned as 'Residential​​'. ​

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