Bushfires and Fire Control


​​​Bushfires in Western Australia are common and can potentially place you, your family and your property at risk. It's important to be well prepared and familiar with what you and your family will do in the event that a bushfire threatens you, your family or your home.

Preparing your hom​e is your responsibility. You need to understand the risks so you can make decisions now on what you will do if a bushfire starts and is a threat to your home.

Ensure you, your family and your home are prepared in the event of a bushfire by having the 5 minute FireChat. ​

For more information visit Department of Fire and Emergency Services site​.

Prohibited Burning Period

​During the prohibited period, which begins on 1 December each year and ends at midnight 28 April 2020 (dates may vary), no permits will be issued and burning is not permitted anywhere within the City.​​

For further information on preparing your home and family against the threat of bushfire, ​view the Emergency Preparation and Response page or Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Restricted Burning Periods​​

​​During restricted burning periods - from 1 October to 30 November and again from 31 March to 31 May (dates may vary) ​- open fires are not permitted unless you have a valid permit issued by a Bushfire Control Officer.​ Hazard reduction burning that will reduce fire risk can​ be undertaken subject to conditions with a permit issued by a fire control officer. The restricted fire period may be on occasion varied due to seasonal conditions following the publication of a notice in the local press.

Permits may be granted to people living in rural areas for burning under strict guidelines, at no charge, by a Bushfire Control Officer. Pursuant to section, 24G (2) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, no garden refuse burning is to be undertaken in areas defined as “Urban” under the Metropolitan Region Scheme without written approval of Local Government.


Firebreaks within the City of Kwinana are to be constructed annually and maintained in accordance with the ​City of Kwinana Fire Notice​​​​​.

Download the application form to vary fire break type and location.

Preparing Your Property

Need assistance ensuring your property complies with the City's fire hazard reduction requirements? See below a list of local gardening, landscape and earthworks services who may be able to assist you. Please note; any owner and/or occupier who engages a contractor to undertake works on their behalf, is responsible for ensuring that the works completed meet the requirements of the City's Fire Notice. 

Local Suppliers - Fire Hazard Reduction.

If you are a local supplier that would to be included in this listing please contact our Economic Development team

General Information​​

Check your lot sizes​​ through Intramaps by clicking 'Emergency Management' and using the filter options to view the various lot sizes. ​

If you see a fire, please  call 000. Details including the location of the fire should be given so Emergency Services can respond appropriately. The Emergency+ app​ can also be downloaded to provide GPS coordinates if you do not know your location. 

For general enquiries or calls requesting the issuing of a permit, please contact the City Assist team on 9439 0200. Requests will then be allocated to a Bushfire Control Officer​.  

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