About City Assist

​​​​Call and report: 9439 0200.

Prefer to email? City Assist Enquiry​.​​

What is City Assist?

City Assist is your rangers and compliance service. 

City Assist is the local government local law enforcement service for the City of Kwinana. This service does not replace any functions already offered by the WA Police. Our service provides a response service to local government law enforcement matters. ​

What can City Assist Officers help with?

  • Dog, Cat control and management issues

  • Attend to roaming Livestock control issues on council owned and control road verges and reserves

  • Local parking and parking management issues on City owned, controlled and managed roads, verges, public access ways and footpaths only

  • Litter, untidy property and Illegal dumping complaints

  • Safety and security concerns at council owned, controlled and managed facilities, reserves and parks only

  • Local fire hazards, permit to burn and bushfire fuel load concerns within its local community

  • Local Government compliance concerns related to commercial vehicles,  parking, untidy properties and general verge compliance issues

  • Afterhours complaints and operate in an, observe and report capacity in relation to matters such as building constructions, loud music, etc.

  • City maintenance and repair issues at its facilities, roads, parks and reserve areas reported after hours

  • Off road vehicle issues on Council owned and control facilities, reserves and parkland areas only

To report any of the above matters please call City Assist on 9439 0200 and an officer will respond to your concerns in due course. 

What City Assist are not able to respond to.

  • Request for security patrols or inspections of private properties, commercial site or industrials areas

  • Hooning complaints of any kind

  • Reports of suspicious persons, vehicles and disturbances on any non-local government land, facilities, parks or reserves

  • Neighbourly disputes of any kind

  • Reports of any personal welfare or safety issue outside of council owned and controlled facilities

  • Off road vehicle issues on any road, verges, pathways or private property

  • Security or parking control issues on land not owned or managed by the City

  • Any other non-local government controlled matter

  • Request to supply or install cat traps or removal of reptiles on non-local government owned, controlled, or managed  lands or facilities 

All these matters would require WA Police involvement or other state agency involvement. 

For WA Police related matters call 131 444.​
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