A Personal History of Hope Valley


31 August 2017

The following memories were supplied by Dora Morzenti nee Nella, of Hope Valley, during Kwinana’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2004.

“When my father settled in Hope Valley in 1926 it was called White Currant Valley because of the white currant bushes in the area.  Later it was named Hope Valley. later still it was changed to Naval Base, then renamed Hope Valley again to which it remains today.  On the plaque of the hall it says Naval Base opened in 1971.  Later it was renamed Hope Valley, same thing with the school.

We lived in the middle of the bush with Rockingham on one side, Spearwood on the other and wild brumbies all around.

The only Kwinana I knew was the shipwreck on the beach.

From the 1930s to the time he retired, twice a week my father would take the produce of our market garden to the Fremantle Markets.  On the way home he would stop in Spearwood at the post office for the mail. The nearest school in the 1940s was South Coogee and Spearwood.  The one in Mandogalup had closed.

During the war in 1944, the soldiers had their army barracks over the fence from us.  The soldiers had some special authority to take me to school and back.  My husband and myself still live on the same property.

Kwinana Town was built in the 1950s when B.P Refinery came into the area.  Prior is was all bush.

I have lived and worked in Hope Valley all my life and to this very day, four generations of my family live in adjacent properties in this beautiful valley.”​

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