​​​Whether you’re using a Microsoft Windows computer or an Apple Mac, both operating systems offer a range of accessibility options. ​

Tab through content

Users are able to use the ‘Tab’ key to navigate through sections of each webpage. This can be used for moving from navigation areas to text areas and is of particular use for those operating a screen reader. 

Load times

We want our website to be as zippy as possible so we’ve aimed to keep page sizes, documents and images as small as possible.
Unfortunately, Council business is not always easily condensed, so some of our documents may be too large for some people to download efficiently. Wherever possible we look to display file sizes.

Text size

You can adjust the size of text in your browser, most popular browsers use th​e following keyboard shortcuts:

​ActionKeyboard Shortcut​
​Increase text size​(ctrl) and (+)
​Decrease text size​(ctrl) and (-)
​Return to original text size​(ctrl) and (0) 

Access Keys

You can navigate to commonly used pages of this site using access keys.

​Access Key ​Page
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