Town Planning Scheme and Policies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Kwinana is covered by two Town Planning Schemes, the main one being Town Planning Scheme No. 2. This applies to all land within the Local Authority area and contemplates both zoning and development control for land. In addition to this, Town Planning Scheme No. 3 also applies to the Kwinana City Centre, providing a further level of detail in order to achieve the most appropriate development outcome within the City Centre.​

Town Planning Scheme No. 2 was gazetted on 20 November 1992, giving it the full force of law from this date. It is currently in the process of being reviewed. Both current Town Planning Schemes consist of a written document (the Scheme Text), maps (the Scheme Map) and supporting information. In the case of Town Planning Scheme No. 3, it is to be read alongside the Town Centre Strategy Plan and the Kwinana Town Centre Design Guidelines, known as the Kwinana City Centre Master Plan​, the most recent version being adopted by Council on 11 December 2019.

The Scheme Text lists the type of use or development that is allowed in each zone. It specifies the uses which require planning approval, and describes any restrictions which may relate to particular proposals. The Scheme Map generally depicts the different zones covering land within the Scheme Area.

In addition to the Town Planning Schemes, there are various other State and Local Planning Policies which affect the use and development of land. For example, in constructing your home you are affected by the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, which controls how development of residential land may occur. The City of Kwinana also has its own Local Planning Policies related to development and land use.

All land within the Scheme Area is zoned for a particular land use, such as residential or industrial. Some sections of land may also be subject to other controls such as landscape protection or height limitations. This information is generally provided on the Scheme Map.​

How does the Town Planning Scheme affect you?

The City of Kwinana's two current Town Planning Schemes form part of Western Australian Law. Anyone who wishes to use or develop land in a particular way will only be able to do so if their proposal complies with the zoning and other requirements of the Town Planning Schemes.​

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