​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Cat Act 2011 requires all cats that have reached six months of age must be: 

  • microchipped;
  • sterilised; and
  • registered with your local council.

In certain circumstances, exemptions may be obtained. Please call the City Assist team on 9439 0200 to discuss.

The City manages its own cat facility and can care for up to eight cats. ​

Cat Registration

The Cat Act 2011 requires all cats over the age of six months to be registered before 31 October each year.

All cats must be sterilised and micro-chipped before registration. Registrations will not be accepted if these requirements have not been met.

Breaches of registration requirements will be addressed via a cat control notice, which requires any owner to comply with the notice or penalties may apply including infringement notices. All cats are required to wear a current registration tag as well as an identification tag displaying a contact number and/or name and address of the owner.

The tag will allow your cat to be easily identified and returned to you if they become lost.​
Registration fees can be paid in person via cash or eftpos at the City’s Administration Building, corner Gilmore Avenue and Sulphur Road, Kwinana.

Registrations and fee payments can also be made via post and fax. Refer to the above registration and credit card payment forms. Note: documents must be provided to prove sterilisation and micro-chipping.

Registration fees are:
1 Year – $20.00
3 year – $42.50
Lifetime - $100.00
Pensioner discounts apply.
Registration after 31 May in any year, for that registration year – 50% of fee payable otherwise.

Rehoming of Cats

For fees relating to rehoming of a cat, please contact the City Assist team on 9439 0200.​

Reclaiming your Cat

If your cat has been impounded and you wish to reclaim your pet, any outstanding impound, registration, sterilisation and daily sustenance fees need to be paid to the City Assist team at the cat management facility.

  • impoundment fee: $50;
  • sustenance fee: $15 per day;
  • microchipping fee: $65; and
  • sterilisation: Contact City Assist to discuss.​

Payment at the cat management facility can be made via eftpos only, with cash payments needing to be made at the City Administration Building during normal office hours, corner Gilmore Avenue and Sulphur Road, Kwinana.​

Cat Trapping

Due to animal welfare concerns, the City does no​​​t condone trapping of cats by members of the public which may be in breach of the Animal Welfare Act (2002) WA and may see them investigated by the RSPCA. ​​

Occasional trapping may be undertaken by City staff on council owned properties under special circumstances only. Welfare of the animal always come first, utilising purpose built (no harm) traps in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act 2002 (WA).​ ​​

Cat Specific Resources​

Information from the Department of Local Government:​


Penalty amounts are defined by the ​legislation for:

  • unregistered cats $200;
  • failure to ensure cat is wearing registration tag in public $200;
  • removing or interfering with a cat's registration tag​ $200;
  • failure to ensure cat is microchipped $200;
  • removing, or interfering with, a cat’s microchip $200;
  • failure to ensure cat is sterilised $200;
  • identifying a cat as sterilised that is not $200;
  • transfer of a cat that is not microchipped (and is not exempt) $200;
  • transfer of a cat that is not sterilised (and is not exempt) $200;
  • failure to notify local government or microchip database company of a new owner $200;
  • failure to notify local government or microchip database company of a change of details $200;
  • breeding cats, not being an approved cat breeder $200;
  • cats not to be offered as prizes $200; and
  • refusal by alleged offender to give information on request $200.

Further Resources:

Cat Haven
(08) 9442 3600

Kwinana Veterinary Clinic
(08) 9419 1346

Challenger Vet Hospital
(08) 9419 4133

(08) 9209 9300
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