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Kits for loan enliven library offerings

Kits for loan enliven library offerings
15 July 2022

Two kits, one containing bird watching tools and the other filled with sports equipment, will be launched by the Kwinana Public Library during National Library and Information Week.



Caption: Collection Development Librarian Briana Bohan and Library Officer Felicity Stride with the loanable kits that will launch during National Library and Information Week.

To celebrate National Library and Information Week, the Kwinana Public Library will launch two kits enabling customers to borrow bird watching resources or take home a badminton racquet and other sporting equipment.

The new kits will be available to loan for three-week periods from Monday, 25 July.

Mayor Carol Adams said Kwinana was home to a very diverse range of bird species with more native parrots than many other parts of Perth, providing colourful opportunities for bird watchers.

“We are fortunate here that many native parrots still reside in the area as their hollows have not been overtaken by invasive species like lorikeets,” Mayor Adams said.

“The Library’s new bird-watching kit will enable you to successfully spy and identify a Red-capped Parrot, Elegant Parrot or Regent Parrot and the area is also habitat for native pigeons and Wedge-tailed Eagles,” Mayor Adams said.

A series of events will be held at the Library during National Library and Information Week.

These events include a visit by WA Birds of Prey offering a hands-on experience for participants.

Each year, libraries and information services throughout Australia spend a week showcasing their resources and services to their communities, through programs and events.

The theme of National Library and Information Week this year is Rewrite, Renew Reimagine.

“Kwinana Public Library will encourage people to rewrite, renew, and reimagine with a different event on each day,” Mayor Adams said.

“These events will offer patrons the chance to make a mural of bottle caps, redact words from documents to create your own Blackout Poetry, and opportunities to pose in front some fun backdrops.”

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