Payment Methods

​​​​​​​​​​​Payment Methods

​Pay Online

​Use the City's Rates Payment Portal​ to submit your payment right now.

Direct Debit​

Direct Debit options are available. Please call the rates department to discuss on 9439 0200 or​

Pay by Mail

​Make cheques payable to the City of Kwinana and crossed 'Not Negotiable'. Post the cheque and the payment slip only to: City of Kwinana, PO Box 21, Kwinana 6966.

Pay at Australia Post

Present your rate notice intact to the cashier at any Australia Post Office or agency for payment during normal Post Office hours. Make cheques payable to the City of Kwinana and cross 'Not Negotiable'.

Pay in Person at Council

Present your rate notice intact to the cashier (Corner of Gilmore Ave and Sulphur Rd, Kwinana) during cashier hours (8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday), via debit card, credit card or cheque.

Pay by BPay

If you have your rate notice showing your individual biller codes and reference numbers, you can pay via online, mobile or telephone banking​. 

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Late Payments

Where no instalment or direct debit arrangement has been made for the payment of rates and service charges after 35 days of the issue date, legal action will be taken for their recovery. All costs associated with the legal action are recoverable from the ratepayer and will be added to the account.

Late Penalty Interest

Late payment or non-payment of rates, emergency services levy and charges (including instalments) will result in late penalty interest charges (currently 11% as set under Section 6.51 of the Local Government Act 1995).​

Penalty interest applies to all overdue rates as follows (registered pensioners are excluded):

  • where an election has been made to pay by an instalment option - if an instalment is not paid by the due date; or
  • where no instalment election has been made – on the balance which remains outstanding after the due date.

Proble​ms Paying?

If you are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact the rates department on 9439 0200 or email before the final due date for payment to discuss payment arrangements.

Complete the City's Application for Payment Arrangement Request Form 2018-19​​.

For further information, please contact us.

*This form must be saved to your computer before completing. Forms completed in a web browser may not save correctly and your application could be lost. Please open and complete this form using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free here

Interim Rates 

Interim rates are levied at any time when a property is revalued by the Valuer General (VG). The most common reasons for a revaluation are:

  • following subdivision or amalgamation of land;
  • following the completion of a new building on land;,
  • following the completion​ of additions or alterations to an existing building (this includes a new pool);
  • following the demolition of a building; or
  • that the previous valuation was incorrectly assessed.

In the case of a new subdivision, the property needs to be re-valued by the VG. Once completed, interim rates will be levied and a copy of the Interim Notice will be sent to any settlement agents involved at the time. Settlement agents are quite often holding monies in trust to pay rates. Please contact your settlement agent if this is the case.

Whenever a new valuation is received from the VG, the City is required by legislation to apply that valuation, and reassess the rates levied for that property. Any amount already levied for the financial year is taken into account when calculating interim rates, and an interim rate account for the difference is raised.


Objections - Property Zone and Status

Each rate notice details the characteristics of the property i.e. its legal zoning as per Council’s Town Planning Scheme, as well as the land status - whether the property is improved or vacant. ​These details, as well as other information such as the full names of the owners, the GRV valuation of each property and the amount of rates levied constitute the Rate Book which is maintained annually. 

Any ratepayer may lodge an objection in writing to the City stating their objection to an entry in the Rate Book i.e. that the ownership details are incorrect, or that the zoning of the land is incorrectly shown. 

Objections to the Rate Book must be made within 42 days of date of issue of the rate notice. The City will consider each objection and provide a prompt written response.

Objections - Valuations

A ratepayer may lodge an objection against the valuation of a property within 60 days of date of issue of the rate notice. An objection may be on the grounds that a valuation is not fair, or is unjust, inequitable or incorrect.  Objection to a valuation should be made in writing giving a full description of the particular property and stating clearly the reasons for the objection. Objections should be lodged direct to the Valuer General: 

Valuer General’s Office
PO BOX 2222
Phone: 9273 7373

Street Addressing 

This is a function of the City’s Rates Department.​​

What do I get for my rates? 

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