Youth Shine at 2019 LyriK Awards


​​27 June 2019

The Leadership, Youth and Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) award ceremony was held at Koorliny Arts Centre on Friday, 21 June 2019 to celebrate the achievements of young people in Kwinana.

Operating since 2006 and sponsored by Alcoa and Coogee Chemicals, the LyriK program recognises the valuable and positive contributions young people aged 10 to 18 years make to the Kwinana community. Each year the LyriK Awards gain fantastic support from parents, teachers, community members and most importantly, from the youth of Kwinana.

The individual category award winners received a two hundred and fifty dollar incentive to spend on an opportunity of their choosing. Category winners are also given a further fifty dollars to donate towards a charity of their choice.

Mayor Carol Adams said in Kwinana, we have a proportionately young population and it was such an asset to have so many young people, like our LyriK Award nominees, who were thinking about the big-picture and doing incredible work in our community.

"The selflessness and awareness shown by our nominees in their various endeavors is a positive indication that Kwinana will be in safe hands with these strong leaders in the future," she said.

"The LyriK Awards is a fantastic program that not only highlights the exceptional youth in Kwinana but supports their development to go on and achieve greater success."

"I would like to congratulate all award winners and nominees and in particular the Lyrik Young Person of the Year, Caliesha Edney, who has set an outstanding example for other young people to follow" Mayor Adams said.

The LyriK Award category winners are as follows:

Djai HunterAchievement 10 to 14
Chloe PavlovAchievement 15 to 18
Kai BestInspiration 15 to 18
Madeleine WalshLeadership 10 to 14
Micah WalkerLeadership 15 to 18
Miggy DeGuzmanMateship 10 to 14
Cassandra PalermoMateship 15 to 18
Billy Boyd, Aoxuo LiRespect 10 to 14
PCAC Guys and Dolls CastTeamwork
Kai BestProgress Award
Caliesha EdneyYoung Person of the Year

LyriK Award Winners 2019 ​

Achievement Award winner in the 10 to 14 age group – Djai Hunter

Achievement Award winner in the 10 to14 age group, Djai Hunter was nominated for being an integral member of the Follow the Dream program, that supports Indigenous students to recognise and embrace their skills and abilities, encouraging them to strive to achieve their goals in life. Djai is  consistently achieving high grades across all subject areas and is also, a very talented sportsperson in Volleyball, Basketball, Netball and was Track and Field Gilmore College Champion Girl in Year 7 and Year 8.

Achievement Award winner in the 15 to 18 age group – Chloe Pavlov

Achievement Award winner in the 15 to18 age group, Chloe Pavlov was nominated for her ability to overcome tough situations, and in the face of these difficulties, her ability to still be aspiring and achieve all she can. Chloe is currently a prefect at King's Collage and a drummer and guitarists within the Kings College Music Team. Studying a Certificate III in Music, she has a passion for photography that has already seen her receive offers for paid opportunities. 

Leadership Award winner in the 10 to 14 age group - Madeleine Walsh

Leadership Award winner in the 10 to 14 age group, Madeleine Walsh was nominated for her outstanding leadership skills as a Student Councillor at Bertram Primary School, where she made morning notices, prepared for, and spoke at assemblies. Madeleine represented her school at the GRIP Leadership Conference. Recently, she created bags and scrunchies out of old clothes, sold them at the Bertram School Market and donated the proceeds to the Smith Family. Madeleine is also involved in gymnastics at the Rockingham PCYC as a supportive role model and mentor to her team mates and younger girls.

Leadership Award winner in the 15 to18 age group – Micah Walker

Leadership Award winner in the 15 to 18 age group, Micah Walker was nominated for being an exemplary leader and tireless champion of helping others find their 'voice' and their place. Nothing is ever too hard for Micah, always responding promptly to teachers' requests and the needs of fellow students with an incredible attitude of respect, care and positivity. Micah has performed at the Royal Show, YACWA Youth Week event and performed at Castle Rock. Micah is currently a school Prefect and the Music Captain at The King's College.

Inspiration Award winner - Kai Best

Inspiration Award winner, Kai Best was nominated for his efforts in overcoming difficult personal struggles. Despite all this Kai continues to work tirelessly to support and advocate for other young people through his involvement with the Kwinana Youth Advisory Council, Peter Carnley Anglican Community School, and Anglicare WA. Kai is a Peer Support Leader within his school, and has been dedicated to completing, two levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and is currently working to achieve the third level. For the past three years, Kai has been elected as School Ambassador with Anglicare WA. Kai's biggest achievement has been continuing to always be kind and caring to everyone around him, despite the hardships he is faced with daily; known as an inspiration to his peers for being able to struggle, overcome any challenge and still be amazing. 

Mateship Award winner in the 10 to14 age group – Miggy DeGuzman

Mateship Award winner in the 10 to14 age group, Miggy DeGuzman was nominated, because despite the adversity he has faced in his life so far, he has always been there for his peers, is an upstanding student, friend and brother, filled with empathy, care and concern for anyone he meets. Miggy is someone a lot of the boys in their class look up to, respect and want to be friends with.

Mateship Award winner in the 15 to18 age group – Cassandra Palermo

Mateship Award winner in the 15 to18 age group, Cassandra Palermo was nominated for being more than just a very kind and loving friend. Her level of determination to go above and beyond to support and advocate for their friends and peers shows the character traits of true Mateship. Cassandra is willing to stand up for what is right and seek out support to further help their friends and peers.

Respect Award winners – Billy Boyd and Aoxue Li

Billy Boyd was chosen by his teachers to write a piece about what ANZAC day means to him in the 21st Century. His piece was written without parental/teacher assistance. It was a very caring and respectful piece from his heart. He then read it at the Calista Primary ANZAC Ceremony.

Aoxue Li has always been active in sport and school activities. At every ANZAC day service since she was in year three Aoxue has recited poetry and sang a choir solo. Aoxue loves the Kwinana community and is very environmentally conscious by always trying to save water and power and tries not to use anything plastic. 

Teamwork Award winners – The Cast and Crew of Guys and Dolls

These young people are the Peter Carnley Anglican Cast and Crew of Guys and Dolls, who were nominated across both age groups for the Teamwork Award. This dedicated group worked effortlessly and with such determination to achieve one of the best theatre productions the City of Kwinana and Koorliny Arts Centre has seen by such young people. From the amazing sets and costumes, to the talented singers and performers, never before have we had such a deserving group of young people nominated for the Teamwork Award.

Progress Award winner – Kai Best

This year, the winner of the Progress Award, Kai Best was selected from the 36 individual nominations received. Kai is to be commended on his significant achievements within his school, academically and socially, within the community and his own personal and professional development.

LyriK Young Person of the Year Award 2019 winner – Caliesha Edney

Caliesha Edney is a Year 12 student at Gilmore College. She has been a 'Follow the Dream' student for a number of years now. The 'Follow the Dream' program aims to support aspiring Indigenous students achieve their goals.

Caliesha is a role model to other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students in demonstrating the importance of embracing extra-curricular opportunities to improve future career prospects. Caliesha was nominated and subsequently attended ASSETS (Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science). This extra-curricular activity provides an opportunity for high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, with an interest in science, to explore the study and career options available to them in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Only 35 Indigenous students were chosen from across Australia and Caliesha was one of them. This was a great achievement and amazing experience for her.

Caliesha was also recently invited to the University of Western Australia's Year 12 Leadership Seminar in the first week of the 2019 April School Holidays. This was an excellent occasion to participate in a range of academic, social and cultural activities that provided participants with numerous networking opportunities with like-minded students, UWA staff and graduates.

Caliesha is currently undertaking a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Studies while participating in workplace learning every Wednesday at Cuddles Early Learning and Childcare Centre in Bertram. Her Workplace Learning Manager holds a very high regard for Caliesha's ongoing contribution to the Centre.

Caliesha has undertaken the ASBT (Aboriginal School Based Traineeship) Mentor role for students enrolled in traineeships, giving them advice and assistance as needed. Caliesha has ambition to attend university and undertake studies in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation.

Caliesha is also a member of the Deadly Sista Girlz Program operated by the Wirrpanda Foundation and based at Gilmore College.

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