Westport Shortlist Securing Future for Outer Harbour


15 ​August 2019

The Westport Taskforce has today (Thursday, 15 August 2019) released a shortlist of five future port options with the Outer Harbour in Kwinana being proposed in each of the five options.

The shortlist, developed by the independently run Westport Taskforce, outlined five long-term port and supply chain options to manage Perth's increasing freight requirements.  

In developing the shortlist, a number of different port and freight options were considered, from Fremantle, Kwinana to Bunbury.

Mayor Carol Adams said the shortlist just confirmed what the City has proposed, and strongly advocated for since 2015 - that the future expanded working port belonged together with industry in Kwinana.

"All five shortlisted options recognise Kwinana as being central to Perth's long term port needs and a new modern port in Kwinana, with uncongested freight linkages and significant capacity to grow, will not only allow Western Australia to prosper, but also support international trade and present a number of opportunities for regional development​ and employment " she said.

"The City has long advocated for the port to move, recognising the finite life of Fremantle and the impractical realities of moving freight through urban areas. We recognise that Fremantle's inner harbour has served the State well over the past 100 years and will continue to have an important part to play as the tourism entrance to Perth for cruise ships and naval visits into the future.

"The City of Kwinana stands ready to continue to work with the State and Federal Governments, as well as industry to support the further assessment and ultimate delivery of this essential infrastructure of national significance, and the once in a generation economic development boost the port will bring to Kwinana and Western Australia," Mayor Adams said.

The City will continue to look forward to the Westport Outcomes Report which is expected to be released between November 2019 and February 2020.

More details about the Westport shortlist are available on the My Say Transport website. 

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