Parking Changes to Solve Safety and Access Issues in Kwinana


​13 August 2018

Parking restrictions are being rolled out adjacent to Kwinana Train Station and across the Wellard business district in response to community concerns about safety and access to local businesses.

Mayor Carol Adams said the changes to Kwinana's Parking Local Law will address safety issues at Kwinana Train station and will attract more visitors to the Wellard business district.

"We have received numerous complaints about commuters who are catching the train at the Kwinana Railway Station and parking their vehicles in the road reserve areas of Sulphur Road rather than in the parking station," Mayor Adams said.

"These complaints are in relation to safety, in particular footpath obstructions and visual impediments, as well as damage to the City's infrastructure as a result of the vehicles parking on the verge areas and the edge of the road."

Mayor Adams said that the new signage prohibiting parking on the road or verge outside the Kwinana Train Station (along Sulphur Road between Sicklemore Road, Parmelia and Price Parkway, Bertram on both sides of the road) will be installed in late August. Parking restrictions will begin to be enforced from 16 September 2018.

The Wellard Village Centre has also been subject to parking congestion due to Wellard Train Station commuters using on-street parking bays all day.

"Local businesses rely on the availability of short-term parking spaces in order to survive," Mayor Adams said.

"If people park their cars in these bays and are away from the Wellard district for the day they are taking up valuable space that could be used for visitors accessing the area."

Mayor Adams advised that two-hour parking restrictions will be in place in the Wellard business district on street parking bays from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. She said the on street parking will be subject to timed parking restrictions only and will remain free to park in accordance with timed restrictions. Signs are being installed on Runnymede Gate, Chiswick Parade and The Strand and timed parking restrictions will be enforced from 20 August 2018.

Mayor Adams also said that parking currently provided by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) at both train stations continue to remain in place and are available for use by public transport users.​

Page reviewed: 13 Aug 2018 8:02pm