Council Commits to Zero Percent Rates Increase


​Friday, 24 April 2020

The City of Kwinana Council has unanimously voted, at its electronic Council meeting
on Wednesday, 22 April 2020, in favour of not increasing its total rate income from last
year by applying a zero percent rates increase for this year to try and help alleviate
some of the financial burden being faced by residents in the face of COVID-19.

The decision formally indicates Council’s intension to strive for a zero percent rate increase, as well
as endeavor to achieve a freeze on fees and charges, and adopt a financial hardship policy.

Mayor Carol Adams said she felt it was the responsibility of the City of Kwinana to do what we could
to try and ease the financial burden on residents during these difficult times.

“We were unanimous in our commitment to deliver a zero percent rate increase for our community,
however, this will still come at a substantial financial cost to the City. We will now need to carefully
consider our budget and this will include having to make some difficult decisions in relations to
programs and capital expenditure projects that may need to be cancelled or delayed, to address the
shortfall in income,” she said.

While the City has committed to a zero percent increase for the aspect of the rates calculation
determined by the Local Government, the remaining part of the calculation is subject to external
influences which will impact on the final cost passed on to residents. This is due to the fact that
despite lobbying from the Local Government sector, the Treasurer has not supported the Local
Government sectors request to delay the application of Gross Rental Value (GRV) and Unimproved
Value (UV) revaluations, which make up part of the rates calculation.

“It is disappointing that the GRV revaluation delay was not supported by the Treasurer. What this
means is the amount payable to the City may vary from last year and unfortunately in some instances
will see some rate increases, which will be beyond our control. However, we hope the City’s efforts
will still bring some relief to those families doing it tough at the moment,” Mayor Adam said.

“The City and the Local Government sector will continue its lobbying efforts to see if the preferred
outcome of a delay in the application of new GRV and UV valuations can be achieved.”

For more information, including the City’s statement of the Objects and Reasons explaining the
proposed minimum payments and rates in the dollar, visit the City’s website at

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