City Subsidy Takes Flight against Feral Pigeons


​​10 July 2019

The City of Kwinana is providing a subsidy of up to $250 per premise towards the eligible measures to control feral pigeons on their property.

The City of Kwinana has introduced a program to help residents control feral pigeons on their property in response to a significant number of bird related nuisance complaints received by the City's Environmental Health Team.

There is potential for the spread of pigeon infestations to other properties if a property owner does not carry out works to effectively control pigeons. In addition, 30% of complaints received by the City have been made against residents who feed birds on a regular basis. Despite efforts to educate bird feeders and, in some cases, the issue of infringements, the problem continues to escalate.

Mayor Carol Adams said residents are seeking assistance from the City to address feral pigeon issues on their properties, as the cost of pigeon control is onerous.

"More than 50% of cases reported pigeons in their roof cavities or a neighbouring property in Kwinana. Many of these residents have said that it is too costly to engage a professional to remove the pigeons, which is why the City has come up with the Feral Pigeon Control Subsidy Scheme."

"Feral pigeons are considered a nuisance and could potentially pose a risk to human health and the City has a public health duty for the control of feral pigeons." ​

To make an application for the Feral Pigeon Control Subsidy visit the Animal Services​ webpage or for more information on pigeon proofing and trapping contact the Environmental Health team on 9439 0475.

Page reviewed: 15 Jul 2019 6:15pm