City Allocates Bulk Water Tanker to Volunteer Fire Brigades


​​3 March 2020

On 23 October, the City of Kwinana Council resolved to allocate a bulk water tanker to the local Volunteer Bushfire Brigades. The vehicle was part of the operations fleet, identified as a surplus to the City's Depot operational needs, and reallocated to Emergency Services for use by the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades. 

Mayor Carol Adams said the City was happy to assist the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades with access to the bulk water tanker.

"The City is always happy to support our Volunteer Bushfire Brigades and to ensure they are well resourced coming into the next fire season and beyond."

"The City will continue to support the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades into the future with a commitment to maintain the vehicle on the brigade's behalf," she said.

The bulk water tanker has a direct impact on fire suppression; the truck is a vital resource to the Volunteer Bushfire Brigade and in turn reduces the impact and risk to the overall community. Without the vehicle, the firefighters have to travel to refill their trucks with water. This has a turnaround time of a minimum 15 minutes for a light tanker and longer for a heavy vehicle.

Equipment such as water tankers are not funded by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Mandogalup Volunteer Bushfire Brigade have recently decommissioned one of the bulk water tankers due to age and condition.  ​

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