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City of Kwinana switches sites to renewable energy

City of Kwinana switches sites to renewable energy
6 April 2022

Renewables fuel more City facilities and sites as Kwinana joins other local governments in sourcing affordable sustainable power.




Caption: Darius Well Library and Resource Centre

The City of Kwinana is making a definitive move towards renewable energy, switching power sources for its top 12 energy-using sites this month.

The Kwinana Recquatic Centre, Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre, the Zone, City Administration Building, Works Depot and Kwinana Business Incubator are now powered by renewable energy.

The City’s two community centres and two of its sports pavilions, plus some groundwater bores, also made the switch from the start of April.

Mayor Carol Adams said the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) recently negotiated an agreement that was now delivering 100 per cent renewable power to the 48 councils across the State that adopted it.

“The Council has the potential to save up to $243,000 per year across the initial three-year agreement which is a substantial saving while moving in the right direction towards a more sustainable future,” Cr Adams said.

Acquiring energy from renewable sources is a key action within the City’s Climate Change Plan 2021-25.

This builds on the progress achieved by the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan 2015-20 which saw a 30.2 per cent reduction in emissions over a five-year period.

Under the WALGA agreement, the renewable energy for the City of Kwinana’s 12 sites will be sourced from one of three WA wind farms.

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