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Welcome waterer for birds installed outside Council

Welcome waterer for birds installed outside Council
1 October 2021

The City of Kwinana installed its first bird waterer to provide flocks large and small with a place to drink as the weather warms up.


(Caption: City of Kwinana Bush Care Officer Angela Jakob with the newly installed bird waterer at Council Green)

A water station for birds now stands four metres tall under a canopy of eucalypts including Tuart and Jarrah to offer a place for feathered flocks to refresh in the heat.

As water sources elsewhere dry up in the coming months, the City of Kwinana is hoping to provide a reliable source of water for birds of all sizes, from Willy Wag-Tails to vulnerable Red-tailed Black Cockatoos.

The bird waterer was designed by the Town of Victoria Park as a permanent, clean, low maintenance and low-cost water source.

Four large troughs and chunky jarrah perches can accommodate 12 or more black cockatoos at any one time, with the wooden perches providing a natural surface for cockatoos to sharpen their beaks and maintain their claws.

The troughs accumulate less debris than bird bath designs and are refilled via a battery-operated irrigation control valve.

City of Kwinana Chief Executive Officer Wayne Jack welcomed the newest addition to Council Green, in front of the City’s administration building.

“While there are plenty of water sources around for birds at the moment, we hope Council Green will offer a safe source of refreshment for birds moving through the area in the summer months.

“There are populations of endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos, and vulnerable Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, within the City of Kwinana particularly in Leda Nature Reserve and Bertram.”

The bird waterer was installed 26 August ahead of National Biodiversity Month which was celebrated during September.

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