Thomas Oval Complex

  • Location Rowson Pl, Medina WA 6167
  • Facilities and Amenities available
    • Toilets
    • Seating
    • Kitchen
    • AV Equipment
    • Reserves, Parks and Pavilions
    • Sporting Grounds
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Thomas Oval Complex consists of Thomas Kelly Pavilion, change room facilities, six ovals and outdoor netball courts.

Thomas Kelly Pavilion is ideal for large functions and weddings, and is located next to ovals which are very popular amongst local sporting groups.

Contact and Location

Address: Rowson Place, Medina

Phone: 9439 0407

Email Facility Bookings team

Please note: our team is not located at Thomas Complex. Please call or email for assistance.

Hireable Spaces

Thomas Kelly Pavilion

Thomas Kelly pavilion is an ideal hireable space for large functions such as birthday parties, wedding and functions. The Pavilion is located at the top of Rowson Place overlooking Thomas Oval and Kelly Park.


  • Venue/Space
    Thomas Kelly Pavilion
  • Facility
    • Basic kitchen
    • Commercial kitchen
    • Room divider
    • Bar/serving area
    • PA system
    • Projector
  • Capacity
    • 200
  • Chairs and Tables
    200 x Chairs
    50 x Tables
  • Type
  • Off Peak
    (8am to 6pm)
    $22.6 p/hr
    $28.20 p/hr
  • Peak
    (6pm to 12am)
    $28.20 p/hr
    $33.80 p/hr
  • Community
    (6pm to 12am)$28.20 p/hr
    (8am to 6pm)$33.80 p/hr
    (6pm to 12am)$28.20 p/hr
    (8am to 6pm)$33.80 p/hr

Thomas Oval/Netball Courts

Consisting of six large ovals, Thomas Oval is the largest oval space within Kwinana. The ovals can accommodated for sports such as soccer, rugby, softball, tee ball and many more. Thomas Netball Courts consist of five outdoor courts including one multi-use court for basketball.


  • Venue/Space
    Thomas Oval and Netball Courts 
  • Facility
    • 6 large ovals 
    • 5 outdoor netball courts


Meeting: $200

Activity: $300

Function: $1000 to $2000

Application Forms

Booking process:

  1. Select suitable facility.
  2. Complete relevant form/s.
  3. Submit completed forms to Kwinana Facility Bookings team. Allow at least 10 days’ notice for processing.
  4. Once forms are received, the Facility Bookings team will contact you.
  5. The team will make a tentative booking once all forms are received and your chosen dates and times are still available.


For more details on organising an event and the relevant forms required, please head to our 'running community events' ​page.​​​​​