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Waste and Recycling Guide 2022-2023

Waste and Recycling Guide                                  

Your Waste and Recycling Guide will make it easier for you to understand how to dispose of waste and recycle right. 

You told us that you wanted a calendar style guide, that contains easily accessible information about bulk hard and green waste, bin days and recycling opportunities.

So, here it is! 

Waste and Recycling Guide 2022-2023

Your Guide was delivered straight to your home to hang as a calendar or by using the rear magnets to store on your fridge. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is included in the Guide?

The Guide includes information about verge collections, bin days and handy hints on how to recycle and reduce your waste. It includes increased use of images, QR codes and simplified maps, making it easy to understand how to correctly dispose of your waste and recycling.

Where can I find information about verge collection services in my Area?

Collection maps are located at the back of the printed Guide to make them easier to access when the guide is hung as a calendar. 

I haven’t received my Guide, how do I get my Waste and Recycling Guide?

The Guide will be delivered to your residence from the beginning of July, however if you don’t see it within a couple of weeks please contact the City of Kwinana on 08 9439 0200 or email  

Can I recycle my Guide once I am finished with it?

By following the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) directions on the front of the guide you can ensure the guide, and magnets, are disposed of correctly and its recycling maximised.

Why don’t we have tip passes?

The City of Kwinana does not own or operate its own residential waste landfill facility.

In the bulk waste service review conducted by the City in 2020, it was found that providing residents with “tip passes” from landfill facilities in surrounding areas would be the most expensive of any of the available bulk waste management options and also had the poorest environmental outcomes.

While “tip passes” can provide the convenience of disposing of waste at any time throughout the year, they are also highly inconvenient for residents without access to a utility or trailer. This was reflected in the results of the community consultation undertaken in late 2020, where “tip passes” were, by far, the least preferred option of how to manage bulk waste in the future.


Why don’t we have on-demand verge collection or skip bins?

As part of the Council decision in December 2020 to continue with a modified verge collection system, the Council also adopted a commitment to explore on-demand options for potential future integration.

In the bulk waste service review conducted by the City in 2020, it was found that residents had a high level of satisfaction with the current verge collection service, and had the highest preference for this type of system over other options, however also demonstrated an openness to on-demand services.  Further investigations, cost modelling and community consultation will be undertaken in exploring on-demand options for Kwinana.

Why don’t we have a third organics bin (FOGO or GO)?

In March 2021, Council adopted the City of Kwinana Waste Plan 2021-2025, which includes an action to undertake a feasibility assessment of a third kerbside bin for organics.  This feasibility assessment is intended to be completed by the end of 2022/23 and will ensure informed decision making on the optimal future kerbside waste collection option for the Kwinana community.

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