Kwinana Adventure Park Closure

Due to park maintenance, Kwinana Adventure Park will be closed to the public from Monday, 18 October 2021 to Friday, 22 October 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and look forward to welcoming you back on Saturday, 23 October 2021.

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Recycling and waste reduction at home

How, what and where to recycle

​Visit the Recycle Right website  or download the free app​ for information and tips on how to make recycling part of your everyday life.

Recycle bin stickers 

Are you unsure of what items to place in your recycle bin? 

Recycle bin stickers​ are available from the City of Kwinana Administration Building or can be posted in the mail.

Recycling bin upgrade

To apply for a free upgrade to a 360litre recycling bin, please contact SUEZ on 1300 293 955.

Residents who previously paid for the upgrade may be eligible for a refund​. Please complete the refund application form and submit it to the email address provided.​​

Changes to recycling

​​Significant changes have been made to the types of recyclable materials accepted in the yellow-topped bin​. These changes are part of an effort to try and reduce contamination and make recycling easier for everyone to understand. 


Large pieces of polystyrene packaging can be taken to Henderson Waste Recovery Park or Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility. Small pieces can be placed in the green topped waste bin.

Meat trays and take-away containers

Generally, due to confusion around what materials meat trays are made from, we advise you to avoid putting meat trays into the recycling bin. Clean take-away containers that are made of plastic or paper can be disposed of in the yellow topped recycle bin.​

Soft/flexible plastics​

Please collect your soft plastics separately and drop them in a ‘Redcycle’ bin located at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. Soft plastics are recycled into plastic park furniture, fencing, decking, bollards and more. Redcycle bins in Kwinana are located at:

  • ​Woolworths Kwinana, Kwinana Marketplace, 4 Chisham Avenue, Kwinana
  • Coles Kwinana, Kwinana Marketplace, 4 Chisham Avenue, Kwinana
  • Woolworths Wellard, 15 The Strand, Wellard​

For further information and a full list of items, please visit Redcycle. Recycled products can be purchased from Replas​.

Books, Clothing, Furniture, Shoes and Bric-a-brac

Please do not throw out useful household items in a good working order. Visit GIV, on how you can donate these items.

Plastic Lid Collection Points

Plastic lids are unable to be recycled through your yellow topped recycle bin as they are too small to make it through the machinery at the materials recovery facility.

Lids can still be recovered through a number of providers who turn them into mobility aids and other items.

Save your plastic lids from soft drinks, water and milk bottles and drop them at:

City of Kwinana Administration Office, Darius Wells Library & Resource Centre, Zone Youth Space and Kwinana Recquatic.

Recycle Hubs

Recycle Hubs are located at the Darius Wells Library and Resource CentreWilliam Bertram Community Centre​ and Kwinana Marketplace (near Coles).

Household batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and chargers, and household light bulbs can be placed in the hubs where they are recycled by Total Green Recycling and Planet Ark.

Household batteries must not be placed in either kerbside bin. Batteries can also be delivered to any facility that accepts Household Hazardous Waste​.​​​


The State Government has developed the website WasteSorted to encourage behaviour change. It has some useful tips and challenges to assist you to ‘own your impact’ when it comes to waste disposal.

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