LyriK Program and Awards

​​​​Operating since 2006, the Leadership, Youth and Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) program recognises the valuable contribution young people aged 10 to 18 years make to the Kwinana community. Since it began, the LyriK programs has since grown to include a number of new initiatives and opportunities for young people to take part in. 

The LyriK program exists to build the resilience of young people in Kwinana through public recognition and community participation. Encouraging aspiration through leadership and development opportunities, in order to create a positive community impact.​

This mission of the LyriK program is achieved through the following core objectives;

  • Build Resilience​
  • Leadership & Development
  • ​Community Impact

LyriK Awards

The Leadership Youth Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) Awards are available for young people who are leading the way in the community. ​

Anyone can nominate a young person between 10 and 18 years old for a reward, including parents, teachers, coaches and peers. There are six categories for nomination.

​Achievement Award

​Recognises young people and groups whose achievement in the community, school, service groups or sporting clubs deserves recognition. ​For example someone who;

  • Is excelling in their academic studies, at work or on the sporting field.
  • ​Has strived to achieve their best at all times in their chosen field.
​Respect AwardRecognises young people who encourage others in a respectful way. These young people also display manners, personal ethics and strong principles. For example a young person who;
  • Displays pride in their culture and has a sense of worth.
  • Consistently shows respect to their peers, teachers and/or other community members.
​Leadership/Role Model Award

​Recognises young people that have demonstrated strong leadership skills through their behavior or efforts. These young people usually act as positive role models for other young people in the community. ​For example someone who; 

  • ​Who acts as a positive influence to others or encourages others in their pursuits.
  • That have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness around an important issues.
​Inspiration Award​Recognises young people who have at some point overcome difficulties in their day to day life, such as issues relating to family, culture and health – and still contributed to their community. ​For example someone who; 

  • Works tirelessly to recruit others for community events or positive awareness campaigns.
  • Has overcome extreme odds to stay focused on personal goals or excel at academic or recreational pursuits.​​

​Mateship Award

Recognises a young person who may have assisted a friend through a difficult period of have demonstrated kindness or generosity to another in need.​ For example someone who; 

  • Assists their friend when they are in trouble. This person may encourage their friend to seek help from other services.
  • Assists another with homework, school project or learning a new skill.
​Teamwork Award​Recognises young people and groups that have demonstrated a commitment to working as a team. This may include a sporting club, school groups or a young person that has been a valued team member and demonstrated good team work skills. Examples could include;
  • A young person or group of young people who include others in the group, share the spotlight and are fundamental in the group achieving positive outcomes.
  • A youth group or sporting club that has committed to a fundraising program for their club or charity.

Nominations for the LyriK Awards are currently closed. The nomination form will be available here when they reopen. 


Postal Address: PO Box 21, Kwinana WA 6966 
Phone: (08) 9236 4550 
Fax: (08) 9439 0222​

For more information visit our team at the Zone Youth Space.


The LyriK Program was awarded National Youth Engagement award in 2009 for its positive engagement with young people and in 2016, the City of Kwinana won the WA Local Government Children's Environment and Health Awards – Children's consultation category  for its process in consulting with young people on the Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space (KOYS) and Youth Outreach Live Outdoors (YOLO) projects.


The LyriK Program is proudly sponsored by the following organisations:


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