Bin Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are new to the City, require information on the weekly waste service, fortnightly recycling, require a new service or changes to your existing service, need a refuse bin issued, repaired or replaced or have a customer service request, please contact SUEZ on 1300 293 955.

Greenwaste and Junk verge collection services​ are provided by a different contractor.  Please contact WA Recycling on 1300 867 166 for verge collection information.​

Additional Bins

All additional 240 litre green lid waste bins and 240 litre yellow lid recycling bins required for domestic or business waste collections are charged at the approved fees and charges levied in Council's annual budget.​​​

For an additional bin please contact SUEZ on 1300 293 955.

Lost, stolen and damaged bins​​

Damaged bins can be repaired or replaced by contacting SUEZ on 1300 293 955.​

​Bin Repairs

The City's contractor is able to repair bins with loose or missing lids and wheels or replace missing parts. Please contact SUEZ on 1300 293 955.​​​

Recycling Bin Upgrade

​​​Are you interested in upgrading your recycling bin from 240litre to 360litres? It's now free to upgrade your recycling bin. You'll receive 50% more space to help you to recycle right. 

How to apply for a 360L recycling bin:
  1. Contact the City of Kwinana’s waste contractor, SUEZ, on 1300 293 955.
  2. SUEZ will explain the process and assist you with the free upgrade.
  3. Be patient, as your new bin could take up to 90 days to arrive.

What if I already paid for the upgrade?

Residents who previously paid for the upgrade may be eligible for a refund​. Please complete the Refund Application​​​ and submit it to the email address provided.​​

​​Aged persons and people with a disability

Aged persons and people with a disability who have difficulty placing the bins on the verge on collection day should complete the application form for In-Home Waste Collection Services​. The City offers this service whereby a representative from SUEZ can help bring your bin out for collection and return it for you on rubbish day.  

To be eligible for this service, a medical certificate is required from a medical practitioner along with the completed form.​​

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