Planning Applications

​​​​​​​An application for planning approval is required for most development within the City of Kwinana. 'Development' in this context means:

The development or use of any land, including:
  • any demolition, erection, construction, alteration of or addition to any building or structure on the land;
  • the carrying out on the land of any excavation or other works;
  • in the case of a place to which a Conservation Order made under section 59 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 applies, any act or thing that:
    • is likely to change the character of that place or the external appearance of any building; or
    • would constitute an irreversible alteration of the fabric of any building.
This includes a material change in the use of development of any land and includes the erection, construction, alteration or carrying out as the case may be, of any building, excavation, filling or other works on any land.

The Town Planning Scheme is a legal document which zones land and controls land use and development within existing developed areas and guides land use and development in new development areas. It also assists the City of Kwinana in making day to day decisions about planning applications.

Subdivision Applications​

The Western Australian Planning Commission is the State Government authority with the ultimate control over the processing and determination of subdivision within Western Australia. Although Local Government does not share such decision making powers, it is nonetheless an important partner in the subdivision process through providing comment and recommendation on every subdivision proposed in its local area. Local Government also plays an important role in assessing the design and construction of subdivisions which have been granted approval by the Western Australian Planning Commission to ensure requirements are met and each condition relevant to Local Government is been satisfied.

The Western Australian Planning Commission also commonly imposes conditions relevant to servicing authorities (Water Corporation, Western Power, Telstra, Alinta Gas etc.), and these authorities similarly ensure each condition relevant to them is satisfied as part of the design and construction of subdivision.
To download a Subdivision Application form or consult guidance notes, please follow the link below to the Western Australian Planning Commission website.​

Online Planning Applications

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