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What are Development Contributions and why are Contributions required?

The City of Kwinana is experiencing rapid growth and has recognised  the land development in the area creates additional demands for new or upgraded infrastructure, including community and standard infrastructure. Local government’s c​apacity to provide this additional infrastructure is limited by the available funds and Development Contribution Plans (DCP) are used to ensure provision of this infrastructure in a timely and co-ordinated manner.  

Development Contributions can be made by payments towards the provision of infrastructure or in certain circumstances, works-in-kind or provision of land. 

Local Planning Policy 4: Administration of Development Contribution Plans provides guidance on the administering of DCPs. ​

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What Development Contribution Plans apply to my land?​

There are currently seven DCPs for Standard Infrastructure Contributions and eight DCPs for Community Infrastructure applicable within the City of Kwinana. Some land developments will be subject to both Standard and Community Infrastructure contributions. It’s recommended to contact the Developer Contributions Team to verify applicable DCPs.​

DCP1 - (Bertram, Wellard West and part of Orelia and Parmelia) – standard infrastructure and subject to changes proposed by Amendment 132 that are under assessment by the Department of Planning.

Standard (Hard) Infrastructure (examples include water supply, sewerage, drainage, roads, bridges and power)

• DCP 1 - Amendment 132  

Development Contribution Plan 1 was gazetted into TPS2 in 2004 and then amended in 2007. Amendment 132 was adopted by Council in 2012 and is currently under assessment with the Department of Planning. Amendment 132 proposed to expand the area of DCP1 to include new urban areas around Bollard Bulrush and proposed new contribution items. Refer to the links below for relevant documentation about DCP1:

Amendment 132 – DCA 1 (Bertram, Wellard West, and part of Orelia and Parmelia) <Link coming soon>
Amendment 132 are currently awaiting final approval by the Minister for Planning <Link coming soon>
Amendment 132 DCP 
<Link coming soon> 
Map <Link coming soon>​

• DCPs 2-7 - Amendment 100A​

Amendment 100A was gazetted on 3 October 2017. The Cost Apportionment Schedule and DCP Reports were subsequently adopted by Council at its 13 December 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting (and subject to further revision and adoption by Council at its 24 January 2018 Special Council Meeting)​. Refer to the links below for the relevant information:​

Community (Soft) Infrastructure (examples include community facilities like community centres, sporting facilities, libraries and youth facilities)

Development Contribution Plans 8-15 were gazetted into TPS2 in June 2012 and a development contribution framework for community infrastructure was established in accordance with the City’s Community Infrastructure Plan 2011-2031. The current contributions adopted by Council are as follows:
The City has recently revised it’s Community Infrastructure Plan 2011-2031 (Revised 2015) and consequently has prepared Amendment 145 to TPS2 to align DCPs 8-15 with the requirements of the revised Community Infrastructure Plan 2011-2031 (Revised 2015). Both the Community Infrastructure Plan 2011-2031 (Revised 2015) and Amendment 145 were advertised for public comment during November 2015 and public submissions are currently being reviewed. Refer to the links below for the relevant documentation for these two documents: 
Kwinana Public Library.
A current project, partially funded through DCPs is the Calista Adventure Playground. Construction has commenced on the playground, which incudes splash pad, picnic hubs and barbeque facilities.

W​hen does my liability to pay my contribution arise?

The liability to pay Development Contributions is governed by the City of Kwinana Town Planning scheme No. 2 Section and the liability arises on the earliest of the following:

(a) the Western Australian Planning Commission endorsing its approval on the deposited plan or survey strata plan of the subdivision of the Owner’s land within the Development Contribution Area;
(b) the commencement of any development on the Owner’s land within the Development Contribution Area;
(c) the approval of any strata plan by the local government or Western Australian Planning Commission on the Owner’s land within the Development Contribution Area; or
(d) the approval of a change or extension of use by the local government on the Owner’s land within the Development Contribution Area.

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