Neighbourhood Noise and Complaints


​​​​​​The Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 are administered by local government Environmental Health Officers. It aims to protect people from unnecessary noise while letting them carry out their business and social activities. ​

Unreasonable noise refers to the duration, frequency and time of day the noise is emitted as well as interference with the health, welfare, convenience, comfort or amenity of the complainant. 

If you are experiencing noise disturbance, you can try to speak to the person that is causing the noise as soon as the problem arises, expressing your case honestly and respectfully. In many instances, they are unaware that they are causing a problem and may remedy the situation. ​

Otherwise, you may need to consider approaching the City of Kwinana or the local Police to investigate your situation. If the matter is related to antisocial behaviour such as domestic violence, swearing and threatening behaviours, please contact the local Police on 131 444. 

Typical noise sources that the City of Kwinana Environmental Health Services can assist in investigating include:

  • party noise, loud stereos;
  • practice of musical instruments;
  • lawn mowers, power tools and other devices;
  • air-conditioners, pool pumps, spas, heaters;
  • construction noise; and
  • bird noise and roosters.
Note: For dog barking complaints, please contact the City Assist team on 9439 0200. 

Construction Noise

Noise from construction work is allowed from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday (not including Sundays and public holidays).​

For 'Out of Hours' construction work prior to 7am or after 7pm Monday to Saturday, or on Sundays and public holidays, consideration for a permit may be given to the following circumstances:

  • where there is a possibility that the community may be negatively impacted upon by the noise the application is based on, for example, the delivery of an oversized plant or structure, emergency works, maintenance, repair or works of public infrastructure, or public infrastructure works; or
  • where the applicant can demonstrate that no one within the community will be adversely impacted by the construction work

The builder must submit an Application for Approval of Out of Hours Construction Work​​ with associated fees and a Noise Management Plan, at least 10 days before the construction work commences and the plan must be approved by the Manager Environmental Health Services. 

Residential Equipment​

Residential equipment can be used between 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 7pm Sundays/public holidays. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, power tools etc can be used for a maximum of two hours in any day. Musical instruments can be used for a maximum of one hour in any day. However, use of equipment must still be reasonable. ​

When lodging a complaint to the City of Kwinana Environmental Health Services, you maybe requested to complete a noise log sheet for a period of time to assist the matter of investigation and/or to contact City Assist on 9439 0200 for after hours attendance. 

Here is some further information relating to noise disturbances:

Traffic, Rail and Aircraft Noise

Noise by vehicular traffic, trains and aircrafts is not covered by the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations. Residents wishing to make a complaint in relation to these can contact​​ the Department of Commerce


The City recommends attempting to resolve matters amicably with your neighbour where possible. If unsuccessful, you can make a formal noise complaint by completing the Noise Complaint Form​. ​​

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